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Top Ten Two-Player Games - Spring 2013 | Board Game Reviews by Josh

Jab: Real Time Boxing is number 10 on the top ten two player gamesSometimes you only have one friend. (Hey, it's better than not having any, right?) Regardless of whether you are looking to play a game with your significant other, your best friend, or some person that you just met, there is a time and a place where you need a good two-player game. So, here's my list of current favorites.

Here are the rules: it's a two-player game. Not 2-4, not 2-6, not 1-2. Two player. That's it. With that said, let's get to my...

Top Ten Two-Player Games

Real Time Boxing

Not every game has to be deep and strategic in order to be a lot of fun. And, Jab is a great little real-time game when you're looking for something quick but engaging. It can be a bit of a problem when you and your opponent aren't evenly matched, so it might be best to pick one person that you play Jab with and reserve it for them.Sixth best two player game is Hive For some reason, abstract strategy games tend to be two-player. I could have easily made a list of two-player games simply consisting of them (but, if you want that, you should really check out my top ten abstract strategy games). Regardless, Arimaa is a great game in it's own right, and I would be remiss to not include it. Well, in the United States, we currently have a two-party political system. And, we've had it since well before the 1960's. And so, it's only natural that there should be games made about this very important aspect of our country. Whether you find actual politics fascinating, or are somewhat apathetic about them, you still might find 1960 to be a fun game. So, at this point you may be throwing a flag and pointing out that Game of Thrones: The (Living) Card Game states that it is 2-4 player. Yes, you would be right, and so this game technically breaks my criteria. Yet, in my opinion this game was designed as a two player game with rules for additional players tacked on later (like with Magic, Star Trek: CCG, and many others). Regardless of that, Game of Thrones is a fabulous game where you are constantly struggling back and forth with your opponent in a number of different "challenges". Since I first tried this game, I became hooked and just wish that I played it more.
OutOfTheBit Dots and Boxes 2014
Mobile Application (OutOfTheBit)
  • The perfect game for you Kindle Fire
  • 3 highly trained virtual players
  • So much better than pen and paper!

Do you like strategy war games or board games?

by mind-wars

If so I would love to get some feedback from you, on a game I am finishing up.
It is in flash and can be played in any web browser.(I think)
This is about strategic game-play, not 3D graphics.
It is a 2D war game, like Risk, but more in depth. Complete with skilled AI players to fight.
Anyhow there is the link, book mark it and check back often if you like it. Please send me some feedback on what you think, good or bad, it all helps. If there is something you dont like and have an idea how you would fix it, please mention it.
Also if you find any bugs please report them!
(this is still work in progress)
Thank you,

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Toy (Continuum Games, Inc.)
  • This edition is a fast and furious game specifically designed for two-player speed and excitement.
  • Winner of iParenting Media award.
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What is a game on a game board with two players?

Harry's Grand Slam Baseball Game

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