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Against the Darkness Strategy Board Game by Dyskami

Warband: Against the Darkness plays in 60-90 minutes and is suitable for 2-5 players, ages 10+. It is balanced in the design space between Euro and Ameri-style gameplay, combining strategic depth with an evocative fantasy theme and tense player conflict. The units of all the players may be part of the same warband and share leadership on the battlefield, but gameplay is not co-operative in any way. Several engaging play mechanics – including area control, set collecting, action selection, and abstracted combat – are combined in a unique way to create a tabletop experience that'll keep your gaming group coming back for more!

Game design by Micah Fuller, member of the Game Artisans of Canada. Graphic design by Jeff Mackintosh. Illustrations by Joseph Shawcross. Cartography by Robert Altbauer.

The Warband: Against the Darkness board game includes everything needed to play:

The following 6-minute video provides a brief overview demonstration of Warband: Against the Darkness, walking you though the game components and actions in the game. Check out the rulebook PDF and game reviews below for more details.

Before we Kickstarted Warband, we asked many trusted reviewers to give their thoughts on the game so we could share them with you. The feedback has been outstanding! Watch the videos and visit the links below!

Warband: Against the Darkness is our third board game funded through Kickstarter. If you haven't yet picked up our first two games – the fairy tale strategy game, , or the temp agency gateway Euro, – it's an ideal time to do so!

The extra money we raise from Kickstarter pledges that include Upon a Fable and/or Worker Placement will help us fund the production of Warband ... and will count towards future stretch goals. too! These extra games will ship with your Warband pledge in the spring 2015.

Pledge $88+ to get two games: Warband and either Upon a Fable or Worker Placement.

Pledge $127+ to get three games: Warband and both Upon a Fable and Worker Placement.

Boulder board game group

by some_call_me_tim

I'm trying to get a group together to play strategy games like Puerto Rico, San Juan, Settler's of Catan, and other similar games on a semi-regular basis. Those are some of my favorites, but I also love learning new games, so feel free to suggest others!
If you're interested, send me an email at:
tim-bgg [at sign] bitgems [dot] com
...and I'll add you to a mailing list (privately managed list: NO ads, not web-searchable, you can easily unsubscribe) so that we can discuss meeting times etc. as a group.
I'd be able to host the games in north Boulder near Broadway, since I have free access to a huge, clean space with lots of tables, chairs, and good lighting--I just have to reserve the space in advance.

1960: The Game of Life  —
To date, more than 50 million “Game of Life” board games have been sold, and Klamer still collects royalties on those. “It's a family game and in order for it to succeed with families, it had to be basic and simple,” Klamer said. “What has happened is ..

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From Scrabble to Monopoly to Life, board games offer fun and inherent problem solving while incorporating words or numbers. And, we don't necessarily need to dust off those board games or look for lost pieces.


What is the best strategy in the game stratego?

Keep the identity of your Spy a secret for as long as you can. If your opponent correctly guesses the location of your Spyetc.

Need a good strategy board game beyond RISK and Stratego?

My husband and son have discovered board games... They played Risk last weekend and my son was upset that it was based more on the luck of the dice than strategy. He's an economics major so if it includes some aspect of that, even better! They would like a game beyond the Risk and Stratego games. Any ideas?

Check out Settlers of Catan. I'd guess it's 75% strategy, 25% luck.
The island of Catan has just been discovered. You and your opponents are attempting to settle the island by building settlements, roads, and cities. You select locations based on the resources they offer and the probability of rolling the number to obtain those resources. There are several different strategies, the board position changes with every game. My son turned me on to it, and after only a few games I'm hooked.

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