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mariokart_SNESThe Mario franchise started off huge on the NES early in it’s run. While Mario Kart didn’t come around until the SNES, Nintendo’s red and blue garbed plumber was an instant hit in his platformer games. It wasn’t long until the cast of Mario characters expanded and we saw these colorful characters in games that weren’t the classic platformers. I’m talking Super Mario Kart here. Many other titles that have been successful like Mario Party, Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, and other ‘spin-off’ titles but Mario Kart is one that is the most recognized. The main one we’ll focus on here is Mario Kart which was one of the earlier ‘spin-off’ Mario titles on the Super Nintendo.

Long before the 64 bit era with 3D graphics we had the first Mario Kart title which used Mode 7 graphics that were heavily utilized in various titles on the Super Nintendo. Games like R-Type, and F-Zero in particular. F-Zero was a launch title for the SNES, but compared to Mario Kart it sadly pales in comparison. Despite F-Zero being a great game, Mario Kart offered up colorful levels, beautiful graphics, great controls, fun items to use, and of course everyones favorite characters. Without getting into a comparison chart here, let’s just say that Mario Kart for the SNES was simply a fun game to play. I personally remember playing two player battle mode against friends, my sisters, and cousins for hours as we passed the controllers around to whoever’s turn it was. This type of racing game had yet to be so successful because it was so unique.

The Mario Kart formula continued when Nintendo entered the 64-bit era with Mario Kart 64. A 3D racer which stuck to what was already there on the Super Nintendo. The cast of characters changed with Koopa being switched out with a newer character Wario, and Donkey Kong Jr. being switched out with Donkey Kong who had been more established with Rare’s Donkey Kong titles. When it came to the Nintendo 64 it was either Mario Kart 64 or Diddy Kong Racing. I luckily got both experiences but never owned Diddy Kong Racing, so I’m more partial to Mario Kart. The big thing here for me was multiplayer. 4 players could race at once which was something that the Super Nintendo didn’t have. Sadly Super Mario Kart didn’t support multitap so we didn’t see 4 player races until Mario Kart 64. The Nintendo 64′s 4 controller ports made this game last for ages, and to this day I still play this game. Of course with every update we see new items, characters, and levels but the true blue mold for the Mario Kart genre in my opinion started with Super Mario Kart, and was tailored with Mario Kart 64 to a fine point.

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He loves...

by valley_chick

Skyrim and those multiplayer games (he is a gamer).
He loves steak and A1 sauce.
He loves me (or so he says lol)
He loves board/strategy games (we go to a meetup for board games frequently).
He loved his fantasy football team.
Like I said- he's a simple guy. Spends his time playing his video games, at work, watching TV/movies with his mom at home or with me.
See why it's hard? lol

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