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A game that sat in my "to play" pile for far too long because of timing issues (and not play issues) is Goa.

In Goa, each player takes on the role of a spice merchant attempting to gain the most prestige by discovering plantations, selling spices, and upgrading their shipping infrastructure. The game consists of two phases, each consisting of four rounds. To start each round, the first player will place a flag (the first player marker) along with an auction indicator next to any of the tiles in the center of the board. In turn order, each of the other players will place an auction indicator on one of the tiles adjacent to the previous one, followed by the first player placing a second auction indicator. After this has occurred, each of the tiles will be auctioned in order - with tiles representing colonsits, ships, plantations, victory points, and more. After the auction, players take turns performing actions until each player has performed three. After the third action, players with extra action cards may perform bonus actions (or carry one bonus action into the next round). Actions consist of gaining ships, replenishing spices on your plantations, collecting income, drawing expedition cards, and attempting to establish colonies. Finally, a player may also take an action to spend spices and ships to upgrade any of the previous actions. At the end of the game, players will get victory points for how much they have upgraded each of these sections of their board, how many colonies they have established, what cards are in their hand, and from tiles that they have purchased. Whoever has the most points wins (yes, yes, this sentence is normally a given, and maybe I should stop bothering to type it)!

Auctions are ready to begin

The first pro that I have for Goa is that I think that the auction system is very interesting. Specifically, I like that where you place your auction indicator affects where the next one can be placed. So, as the first player, you want to start off by placing near the tiles that you need. Yet, each other player is going to attempt to place their tile on the one that they need (or think they can make the most money from), so the tile the first player still might not be auctioned. In addition to the creativity of this initial placement, the money changing within the auction is another important aspect of the game (and so should also fall in the "pro" category). Specifically - when you buy a tile, you pay the person that has put the tile up for auction (or, they have the option of purchasing the tile for one less than the highest bid). The only use for money in Goa is buying tiles (though the person with the most money at the end also gets victory points). This means that a player that collects far more in taxes than the other players will have his pick of whichever tiles he wants to purchase - and will do so, since there's no other use for all that tax money. Yet, since he has to pay that money to another player, if he is not careful, he may enable one of his opponents to have enough money to outbid him on the next tile!
Rio Grande Games Goa Board Game
Toy (Rio Grande Games)
  • Goa is suitable for 3 to 4 players
  • ages 12 and up
  • playing time 60 minutes. . Ranked #22 on

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