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Pandemic Board Game Review

Pandemic Box CoverEvery year it seams the world is under attack by some new virus, disease or a new Kardashian show that we have no cure for and will decimate all life, as we know it. With the potential of these catastrophic events on the horizon, I’m looking at you E!, I think about how the world would react and how quickly it could be saved. If you have ever had similar thoughts, fear not, we can attempt to save the world from this horror without ever having to leave our gaming tables. In, designed by Matt Leacock, players take the roles of virus stopping specialist trying to save the world from four very annoying diseases. is a co-op game that plays well for any combination of 2-4 players and plays in about 60 minutes.

For reference, I am reviewing the components for the 1st edition of the game. The game comes with a large board of the world with plenty of space on it for the player and city cards.Pandemic How To Play The graphics on the board and its functionality are nothing amazing but they work. On the player cards, have the population of that city on it, country flag and its location on the world map. A nice added touch to something that could have been very bland. The one gripe I have about the components is the cubes used to represent the four diseases. They are just stock wooden cubes in four different colors. I have seen out in the interwebs replacement pieces for these cubes that all look like the different types of microorganisms we had to learn in high school. Would’ve been nice to have these pieces add to the thematic element to the game, and watch the different types of viruses expand over the world. A minor gripe but something that would have added value to the game.

Pandemic ComponentsHow to Play:

At the start of the game, each player takes a specific role. These roles have special abilities that allow each player to be unique and specialized to help in different situations that come up during the game. This adds tons of variety to the playing strategy and helps the replay value. It will take different strategies to win with different roles in the game. The players also select nine city cards to decide which cities will have disease cubes on them when the game begins. This gives outbreak areas for the players to deal with right off the bat. Each player turn has three distinct phases in their turn.

Pandemic Game Experience1. Take 4 player actions

This phase is where players are able to do a number of different things each costing one of their actions. First, there is movement around the board. This is done by either moving a player piece between cities adjacent to one another or playing player cards to move to specific cities. This allows players to be able to move around quickly to deal with new problem areas as they come up in the game. They can also give cards to other players, treat diseases by removing cubes that have accumulated in a city, even find a cure of a disease if they have enough matching color player cards. These actions allow players to hold down the virus threat while they attempt to find a cure. Players will have difficult decisions to make during their turn on how to use their limited actions. The 4 action allotment never seems to be enough.

Pandemic Board Game Pandemic Final Thoughts

Toy ()
  • 2 to 5 Player Game
  • 60 minutes to play
  • Race against time to cure the world
  • Takes 45-60 minutes to play

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What are the odds of winning pandemic the board game?

Pandemic is a cooperative board game designed by Matt Leacock and published by Z-Man Games in 2008. The game accommodates 2 to 4 players, each playing one of five possible specialists: (dispatcher, medic, scientist, researcher or operations expert). Your odds of winning would be 50%, 33% or 25%, depending on the number of players.

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