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The 5 (Or So) Board Games To Get Excited About In 2013

The 5 (Or So) Board Games To Get Excited About In 2013Right. For my first ever board game column for Kotaku, the editor-in-chief here suggested I cover the top games coming in 2013.

This created an anime-sized bead of sweat on my forehead. You see, board games aren't like video games. You want to know if a video game's coming out, you call a guy who works in a place, or perhaps do a Google. Board games? Oh, man.

You call the game shop. They've never heard of it. Neither has their system. If you're lucky, Googling informs you that the outsourced Chinese manufacturing solution/team have said they'll be putting the first print run on the boat to the Spanish warehouse in "some months". You find the number for the Spanish warehouse.

The 5 (Or So) Board Games To Get Excited About In 2013"Qué?" answers the foreman. You panic. You don't speak Spanish! Thinking quickly, you fling the phone out of the window.

No word of a lie: I once spent two years—2010 and 2011—waiting for an expansion for one of my favourite games to be reprinted. Two years! And guess what? When I finally got it, I hated it!

Here, then, is my list of .

Know what the worst part is? In sharing this list, I'm just increasing the chance these games will sell out before I get them. URGH.

The Cave

2010 saw the release of K2, a terrifying(ly AWESOME) board game where players race to the top of the world's deadliest mountain in the world's slowest, coldest game of chicken. Playing various cards from your own private deck to either "Advance" or "Acclimatise" feels like climbing hand over hand up a slippery cliff. The game ends with a great piece of theatre where the players who actually reached the summit inevitably die of cold and come in last. Hooray!

The 5 (Or So) Board Games To Get Excited About In 2013

The Polish designer, Adam Kałuża, is releasing his sequel this year. The Cave is the same risk/reward kind of race, except for caving. And so will inevitably see people the world over howling at their dining table as their little wooden explorer slips and drowns in a freezing underground lake.

What's interesting is that, unlike K2, where the mountain is visible from the start, The Cave sees players exploring a cave of randomised tiles with no idea what's coming next. Does it work? Apparently. Kałuża calls K2 a "9", but The Cave a "10", which is reason enough for me to set my Excitement dial to Engorged.

Alternative 2013 Excitement: Myrmes, which is also set underground, but you're controlling a colony of ants. Ironically, Myrmes looks like a much, much heavier game.

The 5 (Or So) Board Games To Get Excited About In 2013Space Cadets

Cannot wait to get my spindly hands on this one. Along the lines of Spaceteam and Artemis Bridge Simulator, Space Cadets is a board game that sees 3-6 players jointly controlling a Star Trek-style ship, where everyone's "console" is a unique board game that feeds back into everyone else.

Imagine you and your friends, all looking noble in the tight monochrome t-shirts you insisted they wear for the occasion. Has the Helmsman flown you into some asteroids? No problem. Oh, Engineering didn't allocate any energy to Damage Control? Oh right. And an enemy ship just locked onto you, but your friend at Weaponry failed to load any torpedos? Right. That's not a problem, because the guy on Shields set the Shields to the front of the ship. What?! HE DIDN'T?

At which point everyone looks at the poor sod playing Damage Control, who, as far as I can tell, is about as enviable as being the goalie in soccer. Throw in a crate of beer and I think we might have the gaming experience of 2013. We'll see.

The 5 (Or So) Board Games To Get Excited About In 2013 The 5 (Or So) Board Games To Get Excited About In 2013

New Board Game needs test players

by Zampheer

I grew up playing role playing games, video games, online games, and card games. I am 41 years old and I have a lot of gaming experience. I developed this board game called "Bloodstone Wizzards" It is a strategy game of skill and some dice interaction. I have test played it a few times with some friends and have found that the basic mechanics of the game work very well. Im looking for a group of people that want to help me develop this game further and I hope to find a software developer that might be interested in programming it for online multi-player use as well. Right now nothing is set in stone as to when or how all of this will transpire but I am working on a Zero dollar budget so right now it will remain in the development stages but I am willing to share anything that comes out...

Tactics Ogre, Vagrant Story new game

by Kinsaras

Tactics Ogre, Vagrant Story creator Yasumi Matsuno working on new mobile tactics game
Yasumi Matsuno, whose works include Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy 12 and games in the Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics series, is working on two new titles under the name Unsung Story. One is a digital card game being developed by French board game designer Christophe Boelinger; the other, said to be the centerpiece of Unsung Story's world, is a more traditional tactics-style video game envisioned by Matsuno. That game's title is Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians.
The games are part of a collaboration with Carlsbad, Calif.-based Playdek, the developer of hobby and tabletop games for digital platforms, like Ascension, Agricola and Summoner Wars. Playdek and Wizards of the Coast...

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