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Top Ten Board Games of 2013

Top 10 of 20132013 is just about in the books and before we move on to the new year, I though it’d be a good idea to take a look back at the best board games of 2013. With the rise in popularity of Kickstarter, more games then ever have been appearing on your tabletop. And when you add in games from existing publishers, there is a lot of competition for your gaming dollars. With many great games on the horizon for 2014, lets take one last look back at some of the best games from this past year.

Unfortunately, games can also be a little slow to make their way across the pond and we haven’t had a chance to try many of the Essen 2013 new game releases. So with that in mind, we’ve split this into two lists. The first half will be our Top 10 Games from 2013, only including games that we’ve actually played. The second section will be the games we’re most looking forward to trying out from this year’s new releases. We hope by mid 2014 we’ll have had a chance to play many of the games in the second list and can then make some final choices for the best board games of 2013.

Pathfinder Adventure Card GameTop 10 Games of 2013

Pathfinder was an interesting game. A cooperative card game that has taken elements from traditional roleplaying games and formed them into a card game experience. The thing about is that the game itself isn’t all that exciting. Draw a card, roll a die is the basis of most turns. What makes special is the game outside the game. Pathfinder is meant to be played as a campaign, meaning players build their deck and level up their characters between games and as they progress. It’s the “donkey with the carrot” approach that has sucked in many RPGers over the years. In that respect, it’s brilliant. As a campaign style game, it’s one of the best.

Forbidden-Desert1-4 Players • Ages 13+ • 90 minutes to play •

Published by Gamewright, is a follow up to the popular Forbidden Island. While I enjoyed Forbidden Island, I always found it a bit too simple for my tastes. Gamewright has taken that to heart with their follow up title. Forbidden Desert has ratcheted up both the complexity and the difficulty. is a great cooperative experience that can be a little unforgiving as well. With some fantastic components to go with it, there is a lot to love with this game.

8. Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends

Debuting in Essen this year, is an abstract strategy game where players are trying to outmaneuver their opponents in an ancient arena. I say abstract because this game really isn’t what you would expect. You are not using minis to fight to the death in this arena. Instead, players will place symbols on a grid during the game to try and form patterns. These patterns will let them summon “creatures” into the arena to give then a boost versus their opponent. can be highly tactical and also is a real brain burner.

Tash-Kalar Box Freedom: Underground Railroad Euphoria-Box-Cover Relic Runners Box

Just for CLRocks, an oldschoolers "board" game

by jvgfanatic

List...these are either notoriously unavailable or updated in some way. I've not played any of them in years. I co-owned a game store in Juneau, Alaska (of all places to own a game store >_<) in the 80s and these are titles I remember from back then.
Cosmic Encounter - About as much fun strategy gaming that one can have, particularly with those who aren't into strategy games. This is a sit-down and play game as long as one or two people out of a group of up to six know the rules.
Titan - One of Avalon Hill's shining moments (for Fantasy, anyway). Amazing, fast paced mythological beast strategy game. Archon, as good as it is, doesn't hold a candle to the good times had with titan.
Squad Leader - Like I even need to mention this behemoth....

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The Best Strategy Games of 2012
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