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China Adopts Board-Game Strategy to Blunt U.S. Pivot to Asia

The foreign policy strategy emerging from China’s new leadership may include a series of incremental steps calibrated to blunt U.S. influence across Asia and sow doubt about America’s commitment to its allies in the region.

Potential next steps following last month’s imposition of an air defense zone over the East China Sea in the face of U.S. condemnation include more vigorously challenging aircraft that enter the area, imposing a similar zone over disputed territory in the South China Sea and asserting naval control over islands also claimed by other nations.

“Such actions, if they occur, will cause greater worries in the region and increase calls for the U.S. to strengthen its military, diplomatic and economic presence, ” said Bonnie Glaser, a senior Asia adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. “The risk is of greater U.S.-China strategic competition.”

A year into his term as head of the Communist Party, President Xi Jinping is taking measures to bolster his nation’s standing in the region and counter an increased U.S. military deployment to Asia. The strategy features such steps as the air-zone declaration that fall short of direct confrontation yet in time alter spheres of geographic influence, according to Douglas Paal, director of the Asia Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington.

Classic Game

“China is playing the classic game of weiqi, wherein it slowly expands influence through steps that are not a threshold to violence and do not trigger a forcible response, ” Paal said, referring to the strategic board game known as Go in English. “Next steps are likely in the South China Sea, but this will be delayed as China builds out its radar and intercept infrastructure.”

Since Xi took over, Japan has accused Chinese ships of locking fire-control radar on its vessels and China dispatched ships and aircraft near islands claimed by both sides. The Chinese navy last month deployed its Liaoning aircraft carrier to the South China Sea, parts of which are also claimed by the Philippines and Vietnam.

The air defense zone that China announced Nov. 23 and which also drew criticism from Japan and South Korea as it covered islands they claim, gives it a strategic advantage, Li Jei, a senior captain at the China Ocean Research Center, wrote Dec. 6 in the state-run Global Times newspaper. The zone gives America and Japan “no option but to face the reality, negotiate with us, giving us favorable strategic circumstances, ” Li wrote.

Sending Message

China’s actions are aimed at sending a message to the U.S. that it’s serious about challenging an Asian order in which America has been the dominant power for 40 years, said Hugh White, a professor of strategic studies at Australian National University in Canberra.

“They’re saying to America that we’re so serious about this that we’re prepared to take the risks of being provocative, in order to persuade you to take seriously that we want to change the order, ” said White, author of the book “The China Choice: Why America Should Share Power.”

The increased use of naval vessels and aircraft heightens the danger of an accident or misstep that could escalate out of control. During a visit to the region last week, Vice President Joe Biden called on all sides to take practical steps to “lower the temperature.”

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by great_advice

Relates more to trading than long-term investing, but there's lots of pearls in here:
1.) Don't fall in love with a stock, its only worth what people are willing to pay for it.
2.) When you have a profit, take it if your objectives have been met or the fundamentals have changed. A new high does not automatically mean you should sell.
3.) Don't force a trade where there is none, be patient. Don't trade out of boredom.
4.) Human nature never changes, bull and bear markets always end in similar fashion.
5.) Money is made by anticipating the anticipation of others.
6.) Buy/short only secular trends, no one can time the market consistently.
7.) Use your emotions as a contrary indicator. Separate emotion and intellect.
8.) The hardest course of...

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What are the best strategy war board games?

i really get into post ww2 themed wargames,and i just got a board game called axis and allies 1941 a few months ago,awesome,and i found out about all of the other axis and allies.what other board games are good that have either ww2,vietnam,cold war,gulf war,or modern war theme?

The number of war games convering the themes you mention number in the hundreds. Your only challenge will be finding an opponent. Your best bet is to look at listings at Boardgame Geek and Con Sim World (links are below). Games vary wildly when it comes to complexity and duration. Good luck and welcome to the hobby!

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