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The 5 best strategy board games on the iPad

The 5 best strategy board games on the iPadWhen Apple first announced the iPad in 2010, the potential use for digital tabletop gaming was one of the first things that stood out to me. It took developers a couple years to get on board with fulfilling that potential, but many of the most popular games now have excellent iPad version. Here are my five favorites:

When you consider the fact that the physical Eclipse board game costs $64 on Amazon and takes forever to set up, the iPad edition is an incredible deal. Developer Big Daddy’s Creations went the extra mile with the game by creating an intuitive interface and staying consistent with the space theme.

Eclipse is a difficult game to learn on one’s own, but the app has a solid tutorial to explain the basics. It’s enough to get you playing, but you’ll want to read up on some strategy if you’re hoping to actually win.

The 5 best strategy board games on the iPadUp to six humans and/or AI can play either locally or online. Finding a game online might be a challenge, though. When I went to create one, there were only three other players online.

➤ Eclipse: App Store (.99, 158MB) | Physical version

Caylus is another game that I prefer playing on the iPad than in real life. Games tend to go faster on the tablet, and I find the interface makes it easier to keep track of that pesky Provost.

Another bonus is the fact that Caylus is a universal app for iOS, so you can also play on the iPhone. Local games take a combination of five humans and AI players. Technically you should be able to play online, but the app refused to recognize my iPad’s Internet connection.

lehavre ipadboardgame The 5 best strategy board games on the iPad➤ Caylus: App Store (.99, 114MB) | Physical version

Le Havre, also a universal app, has some fun with the French harbor setting. Up to five can play at a time, and online multiplayer is available, but the Game Center integration can be a bit slow updating moves, so it’s better at playing a game out over a few days than in one sitting.

The app includes both the long and short versions of the game and works well in either bite-sized chunks or extended sessions.

The layout of the Le Havre board on the iPad feels a bit cramped, though, so this isn’t an exact substitute for the real thing.

➤ Le Havre: App Store ( $4.99, 153MB) | Physical version

Stone Age actually arrived first on iPhone before going universal earlier this year. This is also a game that I prefer to play on iOS as opposed to in real life, as it moves a lot faster without having to manually roll dice and collect resources.

The game supports two to four human and AI players, and works locally or online. Pass and play is a bit touchy since some of the cards and scoring are kept track of in secret, but you can make it work.

➤ Stone Age: App Store ($6.99, 85.8MB) | Physical version

In the world of board games, Settlers of Catan is a bit old hat, but the iPad version did get back into the game. The Cities and Knights and Seafarers expansions cost $4.99 each, though a simple Lite version is available with the basic game. With the expansion purchases included, Catan HD is one of the more expensive apps on this list.

stoneage ipadboardgame The 5 best strategy board games on the iPad The 5 best strategy board games on the iPad

When we started dating

by wewerebothbroke

Yet still managed to have fun. Hiking, romantic drives on the coast, walks on the beach, a six pack of beer and all night talks, BOARD GAMES (the kind that require thinking and strategy), picnics, etc.
When we got married, we still struggle at times so we invented $10 date night. Each week we would take turns seeing who could pull off the best date with only $10! He won when he bought some hot dogs/buns, 2 bottles of 2 buck chuck and a pile of wood. We grabbed a blanket, some great jazz and headed to the beach for a nice, romantic evening.
As long as the company is good, the money spent is not an issue. (And handpicked flowers go a long way too.)

More votes for Catan!

by Lens_Of_Madness

Settlers of Catan is simply fantastic. But there are a ton of great board game choices now, much better than just the Monopoly and Scrabble of the past.
Power Grid is another fun and only slightly competitive European style game (with relatively simple rules and art, but very interesting strategy.) I would also put Carcassonne and Puerto Rico in that category; they're all fun.
If flashy art and pieces attract the little guy's attention, then Fantasy Flight has a lot of great games out right now. Betrayal at House on the Hill is one of the very best and it has a lot of replay value. If he was extra nerdy like me he might enjoy something like Descent, where he plays a team of adventurers crawling through a dungeon and you play as the monsters.
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