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The Influence of Board Game Design

board game designThe reason why the game rules are set in stone is that they allow the player to easily grasp how the game works and provides clear choices to the player. They know what happens if they choose to do A instead of B or vice-versa. There isn't a chance that either choice will perform completely differently than what was expected by the player.

The rules of the game are explicit with how they work and leave no room for something different happen. If a skill says that it causes the enemy to panic, then it will do that every time without question (unless another item or skill directly counters it.)

Civilization 5 changed the design by using a hex based movement system.

2. Easy to Follow Numbers: Keeping with the first point, board games are designed around accessibility. If there are any numbers for the player to keep track of, they are kept low and whole numbers. You won't find yourself having to decide between either 1.76 accuracy bonus or 435.23 damage for example.

Numbers are kept low and abstracted to keep things easy to understand.board game design In a normal game, you may have attack damage in the hundreds or thousands, with a board game the highest you may see is in the double digits.

If there are any calculations to be made, they will be kept simple with some games actually show how the results were calculated.

The advantage of this is that it helps both the designer and the players out. The designer doesn't need to come up with advanced mathematics functions or code to figure out if an attack hits or not, nor does the player need to spend a long time figuring out how things work.

The abstraction works as unit attributes are balanced in relation to one another. A powerful monster could only need 12 points of health, if in relation your character only has 6 for example.

3. Rule Breaking: By setting the rules and mechanics of the game to be completely rigid, it allows the designers to introduce choices and strategy with rule breaking mechanics or modifiers.

Collectible Card Games are all about modifiers as each player attempts to alter the rules to their favor. Modifiers are designed to shake up the normal rules of a game and can either be used for further game balance or strategy. In Civilization 4, instead of having to come up with a complex function to make spear-men counter cavalry units, they just gave them the "anti cavalry" perk that gave them increased attack damage to all cavalry units.

board game design board game design

Hasbro Games Monopoly
Toy (Hasbro Games)
  • Classic family board game
  • A game of luck, chance, and wheeling and dealing
  • Buy and sell properties in Atlantic City
  • Corner parts of the board, build houses and hotels, and charge other players exorbitant rent
  • Includes a new game piece and rules for a shortened version of the game

Board Gamers

by cymry

I am in the process of creating a deluxe new board game, using the "War of the Rings" pieces and board as the base. The game play works with 12 sided dice as the battle dice, and it is similar to both "Samurai Swords" and "Axis and Allies" in the way that the game is played. It is purely a strategy/war game. There is no role playing involved. All the pieces are painted, the board is expanded to include human territories in the east of Middle Earth, and Celtic island kingdoms have beed added off the western coast. Additional pieces include giant eagles, ents, gnomes, sprites, and werebears/beornings. Anyone interested in playing may email me, and I will email you the rules @

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Hasbro Games Battleship Game
Toy (Hasbro Games)
  • Classic Battleship game lets you hold head-to-head naval battles
  • Red pegs mark strikes and white pegs mark misses
  • If you can locate your enemy s ships you can destroy all 5 for the win
  • Battleship Salvo feature lets you launch multiple strikes
  • Portable battle cases let you play anywhere
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Cosmi COSMI 1000 Best Games For Windows
Video Games (Cosmi)
  • Comprehensive search tool makes it easy to locate long-lost relatives
  • Built-in calendar to track birthdays, wedding & other important family events
  • View multiple generations at a glance, with the easy family tree design tools
  • Capture special occasions forever with family albums, complete with video and sound
  • Design an authentic family crest in just a few minutes
iUniverse Wargames Handbook, Third Edition: How to Play and Design Commercial and Professional Wargames
Book (iUniverse)


What are the best strategy war board games?

i really get into post ww2 themed wargames,and i just got a board game called axis and allies 1941 a few months ago,awesome,and i found out about all of the other axis and allies.what other board games are good that have either ww2,vietnam,cold war,gulf war,or modern war theme?

The number of war games convering the themes you mention number in the hundreds. Your only challenge will be finding an opponent. Your best bet is to look at listings at Boardgame Geek and Con Sim World (links are below). Games vary wildly when it comes to complexity and duration. Good luck and welcome to the hobby!

What is the best strategy for winning Scrabble board game?

He key skills are knowing which words are acceptable or unacceptable (according to the official tournament reference) and being able to find them from a jumbled set of letters.

What are the best books to read on 'Design Strategy'

Firstly, it depends on what you mean by Design Strategy.  It's a fairly nebulous term with varying definitions. In my opinion the field/practice/methodology is in the early stages of definition as there are no widely recognized frameworks or models that have been shown to be effective.
Since this is an emerging field, I think the best thinking and writing on the subject is in the form of articles written by practitioners.  Rotman Magazine and Interactions Magazine both produce great content.
Building Design Strategy is a collection of articles from the Design Management Journal. Some arti…

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