Tactics Risk board game

Startup TO – Tactics for board game 'Risk' lead to startup success

Much like game of Risk, world domination business success takes time, proper understanding of the rules and strategic, ever-changing planning. As part of your strategy, be careful of who you align allegiance with and take time to learn.

How is your startup business managing risk and strategy?

It’s not easy, that’s for sure. It’s a dog eat dog world out there for every type of busineess, not just startups. Do you have a solid plan of action? Are you developing fast enough? Is your website good enough? Are you evolving your distribution strategy to hit the right channels at the right time?

To put the topic in context, I like to think of the classic board game Risk. In case Risk was out of your generation, it’a a turn-by-turn war driven board game with the goal of strategic world domination; much like the end goal of most startups. After all, war and business have always gone hand in hand. Like real war, Risk the game takes tact, time and adaptation. Sounds an awful lot like running a startup doesn’t it?

The Business of Risk. Photo by: Sure in real life the dice rolls are figurative, but growing a business is similar in nature. You never know what will happen based on your planned and reactive “moves.”

There’s a lot we can learn from this classic game of world domination. Here are the 3 simple CTA’s based on the strategies of Risk to help you balance your startups risk and strategy:

1. Conquer whole continents – You will earn more armies that way.

Have a plan of action and adapt it as often as required. This should be quite often for a few departments in particular, like tech, R&D, marketing and sales. If you don’t adapt or innovate to make your product/service even more awesome, you really shouldn’t bother.

To conquer the continents (aka your market, personal fears and the competition), you should at the very least be:

- Doing something that makes human life better and/or easier

- Sharing with a greater purpose (give more than take)

- Love what you do enough that you’re willing to die for it or while doing it

If only we were all so lucky to have a Gordon Ramsay type yelling at us when we get lazy and fall out of love with what we’re doing. “Not good enough!!”

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Let’s turn this baby UPSIDE DOWN....

by Revengebunny

I just want a beer.
The MSM wants to get us in the world conquest RISK board game, while AMERICANS have severe economic issues.

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Is there a board game of Risk, with the theme of Star Wars

There sure is, it's called Risk (Star wars Clone wars edition). You can get it at Amazon.com for $99.00 and used for $49.99!

Where can I download the instruction manual for Risk Star Wars Clone Wars Edition board game?

I lost my instruction manual and I need to download a copy ASAP.

Here's the link:
It takes a little while to load, but the complete instructions are all there!!

Where can I buy the Halo Wars edition of the board game Risk?

Amazon.com currently carries the Halo Wars edition of the board game Risk. Have fun!

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