Star Wars Risk board game

Playing Star Wars Risk - The Clone Wars Edition

Star Wars Risk, The BoxOne of the favorite games I like to play is a board game... Star Wars Risk - The Clone Wars Edition.

This game is much like the classic game of Risk, where you have to conquer the world. Only here, you have to conquer the Galaxy! Most of the well-known planets of Star Wars are on the map, like Coruscant and Dagobah. Those are my favorite planets, so I try to get them at the beginning of the game!

You can either play as a Republic (red or yellow), led by the Jedi, or as a Separatist (black or blue), led by the evil Darth Sidious. If you have less than 4 players, one or two persons play two colors, alternating between them.

It's easy to get confused which color is up, so I write it down!

During your turn you get new troops, and you can play cards to get more troops or ships to get more power when attacking. Attacking is done by throwing 1-3 dice, and you can only defend yourself with 1-2 dice. If you conquer a planet, you get to draw more cards.

The game is over if Republicans or Separatists gain control over all the planets.


Order 66!

The Seperatists can gain control over a large number of planets by calling out the Order 66. The later in the game they do it, the more planets will change to the dark side! Order 66 gives the Separatist players quite an advantage!!!

Building up for Order 66! But, this also means that Darth Sidious has to reveal himself. If the Republicans conquer the planet the Emperor is placed on, the game is also over, and the Republicans will have won.

I have won multiple times from my Mom & Dad, because I conquered the planet they chose! And they thought, they were winning!

Ha! NOT!

Star Wars Risk is a great boardgame.

At first we played it as classic Risk, but the extra rules are really not that hard, and they really add to the fun. Especially when Order 66 is called is quite exciting!

Parker Brothers Star Wars Risk Original Trilogy Edition
Toy (Parker Brothers)
  • 2 classic favorites combined in 1 great package
  • Strategize to gain control of the galaxy on the side of the Separatists or the Republic
  • Choose your allegiance, then play by either classic Risk rules or the Clone Wars variations
  • Based on Star Wars episodes I, II and
  • 2-4 players; ages 10 yrs. and up

Let’s turn this baby UPSIDE DOWN....

by Revengebunny

I just want a beer.
The MSM wants to get us in the world conquest RISK board game, while AMERICANS have severe economic issues.

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Hasbro Risk Legacy
Toy (Hasbro)
  • The classic board game, redefined
  • The first board game where choices and actions made in one game carry over into the next
  • No two games are alike
  • Locked off components can be revealed as players win multiple games
  • Winning players get to name a continent or found a major city
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Hasbro Games Risk
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  • Test your nerve with the basic training game--a quick and easy way to play
  • Finally prove your courage in World Contest-an updated edition of the classic Risk game
  • Bottom line: 3 ways to play, faster game play, and updated map and playing pieces
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Is there a board game of Risk, with the theme of Star Wars

There sure is, it's called Risk (Star wars Clone wars edition). You can get it at for $99.00 and used for $49.99!

Where can I download the instruction manual for Risk Star Wars Clone Wars Edition board game?

I lost my instruction manual and I need to download a copy ASAP.

Here's the link:
It takes a little while to load, but the complete instructions are all there!!

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