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Board Game Review: Star Trek Fleet Captains

Featured ImageIf you don't feel like reading this whole post, let's get straight to the point using puns: Star Trek Fleet Captains from WizKids Games and NECA sets its phasers to fun, and will make you want to rock out with your Spock out.

Still with me? Let’s La Forge ahead. (Sorry.)

In recent years, there’s been a serious uptick in the popularity and proliferation of entrants in the “serious” board game category. You know the kind: the rules are more complex than Monopoly or Risk, there are tons of tiny pieces and markers, and winning often takes serious strategy. Games like Arkham Horror and Wrath of Ashardalon can last hours, and while playing these games can be a lot of fun, sometimes the work that goes into simply understanding the rules diminishes the enjoyment that should’ve come from just playing the game.

And like all expensive, licensed games, here’s what a typical fan might expect out of Star Trek Fleet Captains: maybe it could be fun? It’ll probably scratch that Trek itch, and take up an afternoon with your trek fleet captains wizkid games 1 Board Game Review: Star Trek Fleet Captains But after playing through one session, a game like this could easily get shoved in some corner of the apartment—an $80 rectangle that would gather dust and your girlfriend’s scorn.

Fortunately, Fleet Captains will remain dust- and scorn-free. This game is incredibly fun and it might even be one of the best board games around—period. It’s incredibly well-balanced, exciting, and complex without being complicated—a rare feat in the “serious board game” genre.

Simply put, whether or not you actually like Star Trek, Fleet Captains is great.

WizKids Games drew on years of experience making their unique HeroClix sets, a long-running collectible miniatures game system that’s taken on licensed and original properties over the decade or so of its existence. To summarize: game pieces sit on circular “clix” bases, which contain stats for each piece’s different attributes. When the piece is affected by events in the game—often taking damage from another player’s attack—you’ll click the base to a new, usually lowered sets of stats. The pieces in Fleet Captains follow that basic principle, but with a few elegant twists that seem to be the best use of the clix concept yet.

USAOPOLY, Inc Monopoly Star Trek Continuum
  • Monopoly, star trek, continuum
  • Buy, sell and trade some of the most memorable star trek locations that make up the continuum
  • Game comes complete with 6 collectible pewter tokens including the captain?s chair, communicator, klingon blood wine goblet, shuttlecraft, vulcan harp and the phaser
  • Enjoy the thrill of deal-making, risk-taking and owning it all in the world of Star Trek

Let’s turn this baby UPSIDE DOWN....

by Revengebunny

I just want a beer.
The MSM wants to get us in the world conquest RISK board game, while AMERICANS have severe economic issues.

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USAopoly USAopoly Star Trek :Continuum Monopoly USA-MN066201
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  • Enjoy the thrill of deal-making
  • Take risks and own it all in the world of Star Trek
  • Includes 6 collectible pewter tokens
  • Visit 22 historic locations across the Star Trek continuum
  • For ages 8 and up


Is there a nintendo wii game of risk the board game?

I've been looking and looking for a risk game for the wii and the only thing I can find is the risk: factions for xbox live. So is there really no risk wii game and/or is risk : factions coming to wii's nintendo chanel in the future? Thanks

no there is not and there never will be from my understanding sorry.

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