Risk board games for Wii

Factions is a must-play for fans of the board game

*As seen in Luchazine #2
Boards games are a perfect fit for XBLA. Anyone who has played RISK in their life knows the game can go on for hours until a

Humans vs. Cats, the ultimate struggle. victor is declared ruler of the world. Stainless Games injected their own concept of objectives players can race to accomplish, thus making most full games about an hour. This new concept makes RISK an entirely different game, and one I don't really care for. Thankfully, purists can stick to the classic rule set. For $10.00, RISK Factions is a great purchase for any fans of board games.

Changing the game's core focus drastically speeds things up. Objectives can range from controlling key points on the map or controlling a specific number of territories. I applaud the well-constructed addition to the classic formula. The objective-based mode is full of strategic opportunities, making for a difficult game. Of course if you're playing against skilled players, this streamlined mode can still take forever.

The Battle scenes are high-quality.

The best part about RISK is the game's aesthetics and amusing animations. Stainless Games added a lot of personality. There are five factions, Cats, Zombies, Yetis, Robots, and Humans. When a battle occurs, each player's forces will appear on the bottom of the screen and act out their own unique battle animations. The Robots will shoot lighting at foes while the cats fight back with rifles or hairballs. These charming well-drawn characters bring a lot of life into RISK and truly make Factions what it is.

RISK: Factions favors fictional continents. These new lands offer strategic points like dams that will flood an an entire continent, killing all the occupying troops, and a temple that allows the holder to automatically conquer one territory every turn. Thankfully, the game does have Earth available in multiplayer matches for purists. You're still able to play classic RISK without the factions or awesome animations, if you're a hateful person. My preferred style of play was world domination rules on the world map with the factions.
The campaign is really short. The 5 levels will have you play as each faction once. Non of the factions have individual abilities,

Cutscenes split-up each of the 5 singleplayer stages.

Fortress America

by themasterevan

Axis and Allies is a classic, you will be likely to find many players. It is somewhere just above the board game Risk, and just below the typical Avalon Hill wargame in complexity. However, it can take a while to set up and play. The computer version is mediore at best, the AI is too easy to defeat, but there may still be an active online group playing. (Look at Home of the Underdogs) An internet search will reveal that there are MANY sequels to the basic A&A, and many player rules variations. The original A&A was reissued by Milton Bradley several times, with new rules each time. Unfortunately, though not terribly complex, these rulebooks were poorly organized and unclear. Avalon Hill then bought the rights, and I suspect they cleaned it up considerably. You will probalby play the...

Just enjoy gaming

by poxplagued

Personally, there is something about games themselves. Board games, video games, I'm pretty much up for any game. This extends to outdoors too. Disk golf, Geocaching, these are other ways to bring in a puzzle or skill factor into an otherwise more mundane activity.
A good question to follow then, might be why does this make the task more fun to me?
Understand that and you probably have the answer to your question.
But it's a good question. I often ask myself while playing World of Warcraft for e.g., how can I still enjoy doing repetitive tasks? (the quests in the game are basically variations of the same few simple tasks with minor variations.) Well, compared to passive TV, for which one could say the same thing regarding repetition and minor variations on themes, the...

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Is there a nintendo wii game of risk the board game?

I've been looking and looking for a risk game for the wii and the only thing I can find is the risk: factions for xbox live. So is there really no risk wii game and/or is risk : factions coming to wii's nintendo chanel in the future? Thanks

no there is not and there never will be from my understanding sorry.

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