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Risk: The Evolution of a Game

A Little History

A Friday night in the fall of 1971 and it's time to pull another "all-nighter". Ah, the college days; the time when pressure was having a psych paper due just when you were on the verge of discovering a completely new method for solving differential equations of the third degree, a feat, of course, that would result in the total economic re-alignment of the free world and better sex for all. So what do you do? Pull an all-nighter. This was not to be the standard sit-in-the-library-until-you-are-comatose-all-nighter; this is special; this is important. We pack the car and make the 90-mile trek to Chicago for an intense, non-stop, weekend of Risk. Hey, if you can't change the world, why not just conquer it?

This is not to suggest that college was all play and no work but those Risk weekends were exceptional; on the order of a monthly game convention. Around campus the Risk freaks were viewed with disdain (this was, after all, the time of the Vietnam War) especially by the Chess players (but then, they thought "free love" meant that the local "ladies" were offering discounts).Mission cards in Risk The poet Omar Kayam once penned: "a loaf of bread, a jug of wine and thou". For us it was air hockey, pinball and Risk (the engineering majors would have included cigars). Unfortunately, as with everything else in the universe, the law of entropy required that this come to an end; and it did. Soon it was a mortgage, soccer practice and a mini-van.

Risk Risk Plants vs. Zombies Collector's Edition Board Game
Toy (Risk)
  • 3 new ways to play for PvZ fans who love their options
  • Faster game play great for beginners and masters alike
  • Double sided game board with custom suburban neighborhood art based on the app
  • 2 custom sculpted Armies: Pea Shooters and Brown Coat Zombies

Risk is the best

by MagicHat79

I was out last Saturday scouring the stores for some board games......nothing like Monopoly, Risk, Scattergories, etc....
I really want to get the newest Trivial Pursuit game.....does anyone have that? It seems as if I'd actually know quite a bit, as compared to the "genius" editions that ask questions such as "Who won the Best Actress in 1954?".
Another good one is shot glass checkers, you play with shot glasses and have to drink every time you get jumped :-)

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