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Bay Area Risk Map: The North Bay is here!

Chronicle fileI’m ready to unveil a rough draft mock-up of our second continent: The North Bay. It has the same number of territories as North America in a Risk game. It will likely link to the currently unfinished Napa/Solano continent, which takes the place of Europe in Risk.

Before we unveil the North Bay, let me address two issues:

1. It was hard to pass up a territory for Petaluma, but Novato fit in better geographically. Apologies to Winona Ryder and whatever band is playing McNear’s Mystic Theatre tonight. (Most likely Y&T.) I almost added a 10th territory for Russian River/Guerneville, but placed a mountain range there instead.

2. Including obscure Cloverdale was my solution to the tricky Alaska/Kamchatka land bridge problem. The world may be round, but unfortunately the Bay Area isn’t. So barring a better idea, we’ll use the Cloverdale Municipal Airport as a troop launch point and allow attacks between Cloverdale and Vacaville; the latter will ferry its armies through the Nut Tree Airport.

Here’s my rough sketch of the North Bay:

More current Bay Area Risk Map problems/dilemmas up for reader discussion:

* I’m leaning toward Napa/Solano, Contra Costa, Alameda County and Livermore/Tracy as the four remaining continents. My other option would be Solano/Contra Costa, Upper East Bay, Lower East Bay and Livermore/Tracy/Dublin. I think we’ll tackle Alameda County/Lower East Bay as the next continent. This will be the stand-in for Africa.

* Oakland and Berkeley are locks to be included. I’m leaning toward including the City of Alameda, and will likely place either Fremont or Milpitas at the southernmost tip of the East Bay. Richmond could end up here are well, depending on how we distribute the remaining continents. Either way, I have room for one or two more territories. Hayward? Castro Valley? Emeryville? Your input is appreciated.

* Honestly, this project is too much power/responsibility for one person to shoulder. So I’ve recruited three more Chronicle visionaries — reporter Ellen Huet and page designers Shannon May and Erick Wong — to help shepherd the Bay Area Risk Map to polished completion. (Shannon and Ellen were partners in the Night of the Living Deadline costume project. This is a free time project for the Chronicle staffers involved. I can assure you that working on the Bay Area Risk Map will not detract from any real journalism.)

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I have the We Ski and that is a really fun game. Skate It is supposed to be a great game for skateboarders. Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip is also another highly rated game. For the complete list of wii fit balance board compatible games you can check out That site also has info about Wii Skins (protective covers that come in really cool designs for Wii accessories). A 12 year old boy would probably get a kick out of some of the designs.

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Here is a list of available games that utilize the balance board in some way. Hopefully, you will be able to find one that interests you. Also, there are several slated for March release that are not on this list.
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