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Game Review: RISK LEGACY

Risk. Besides Monopoly, it’s perhaps the most-played board game of all time. You probably have one rotting away in the bottom of your closet, so why should you drop cash on another version? But Risk: Legacy is no simple reskin of the game; it’s a completely new edition. One which lets you and your friends slowly change a persistent world over multiple games and is, without hyperbole, a contender for the most innovative board game released in years.

At its core it’s the same Risk as ever- you’re still trying to conquer the world by force. Every turn you’ll place a number of little plastic figures representing your armies, you’ll attack neighboring territories, and then redistribute some troops to defend yourself the best you can against your enemies. Attacking is the same as ever and only involves five dice at the most- a max of three for offense, two for defense. You both roll at the same time and compare the top numbers, the defense wins any ties, and you remove one or two troops accordingly. It’s simple, it’s fast, it works.

Risk: Legacy has five different factions to choose from, ranging from the bear-riding savages of Enclave of the Bear to the Road Warrior-esque members of The Saharan Republic. My personal favorites are Khan Industries, futuristic soldiers who come with mechs. All the factions play the same out of the box and each has a unique plastic soldier representing a single unit and a larger one (tanks, mechs, bears) that represents three units. Before your first game you'll get to modify each faction’s card with a starting power. Each faction card has multiple blank color-coded spots where powers are placed, and you’ll get two powers to pick from at first. The dilemma here is that both stickers go in the same space so you have to choose one power to stick onto the card... and rip the other one up.

Yes that’s right- ripping up cards is a part of the game here, and just the first step you’ll be taking towards having your own completely customized game. You better not be afraid of marking up your board because you’ll be writing directly on it, putting stickers all over the place, and generally changing the whole thing forever. Win a game and you get the honor of signing your name on the board and possibly naming something. In my game Australia is called Marmel, there’s a city called Jurassic Park in the Eastern United States and another called Slime City in Southeast Asia.

In a world where gamers seek to keep things mint forever, sleeving every card and doing their best to keep their games as pristine as possible, it’s quite refreshing.

Old Board Game fever? Let's get a game going

by Outdoorsman12054

I like the occasional board game still myself. I kinda can't wait until my kid and nephews are old enough to play against me, but I think I'll be totally out of that phase by that point. I still play RISK w/ some friends about once every 2 months. I'd LOVE to play Axis and Allies if you're interested in getting a game together w/ some other folks. I'm in the Albany area too. Let me know.

Looking for Board Gamers in RVA

by Neolarthytep

Looking for some board gamers who are interested in trying to start up a "hopefully" weekly game night in the Richmond area. The few players I do have play a vast array of games from Arkham Horror, & Battlestar Galatica to Settlers of Catan, & Risk. For the first few sessions I feel for getting to know each other sake they will be at a public place like One Eyed Jaques in Carytown or an accommodating bar/restaurant. Once we get comfortable with the group then we can begin hosting sessions at each others homes. Feel free to message me with any questions that you may have.

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What is the best wii balance board game?

I'm getting the wii fit thing with the balance board but i want 2 know the best wii balance board game for a 12 year old boy

I have the We Ski and that is a really fun game. Skate It is supposed to be a great game for skateboarders. Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip is also another highly rated game. For the complete list of wii fit balance board compatible games you can check out That site also has info about Wii Skins (protective covers that come in really cool designs for Wii accessories). A 12 year old boy would probably get a kick out of some of the designs.

What is the best game for the wii balance board?

I was thinking of getting Skate It of Shawn White Snowboarding, are there any other cooler wii balance board games?

Here is a list of available games that utilize the balance board in some way. Hopefully, you will be able to find one that interests you. Also, there are several slated for March release that are not on this list.
1. Wii Fit - (Released May 21, 2008)
2. Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip - (Released Nov 16, 2008)
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