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Is an epic turn based strategy conquest game. The objective of the game is to eliminate all your opponents by controlling all the territories on the map. You can play for free, forever.

NO DOWNLOAD. Played entirely in your browser from any computer or smartphone.
CONVENIENT. Play is turn-based. Each player has 24 hours to take their turn. So you can take your turn whenever you have a few minutes of free time such as with your morning coffee or on your lunch break.

What we offer:

-Teams: Singles, Doubles, Triples
-Fog of War: No, Yes
-Turn Length: 5 min (Speed), 24 hour (Casual)
-Turn Order: Simultaneous, Consecutive

I don't make this stuff up--just report back

by ThoughtCriminal

Well thats not nessisarilly true--i did contribute to the game--just silly ness really---and if there ever was a truly idiotic thing to do it would be to take a contrary cuss like me literally--get you in a world of trouble---does seem like truth is stranger then fiction--so ....if it makes it to game stage you can bet it has been--and if not---well thats why they say "intended for entertainment only".
there are those of cource to whom everything is a game--to whom the lives of troops are nothing more then pieces on a risk board. Idiocy? idiocy is me saying what i just said...all fiction and extraplation of course but a good story line me thinks---idol decadant rich playing a...

It takes BALLS to make money in anything includi

by MakeaFnMove

All this talk about bubble head and housing head makes me wonder how many on this message board actually have some “blood” invested in this game. Making money in real estate involves risk. People that bought in 2000 had some of the same concerns that exist now like:
Can I afford the payment if I get sick?
What if there is a divorce?
What if I lose my job?
But all these what if statements lead to in action. Maybe you can look back and kick yourself for not investing in Dell or Microsoft stock during its inception. In investing, you HAVE to take a risk to reach a reward. All this data and stats and where does it lead? Analysis paralysis. Listen, here are two simple rules for bubbleheads and housingheads:
Bubbleheads: You feel the market will tank. Then...

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