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Havoc Boards by Bungled Board Games LLC — Kickstarter

War gaming on 15 custom maps. Available in classic style and engraved wood, Havoc Boards let you conquer the world one piece at a time.

Disclaimer: Havoc Boards are not to be confused with the game RISK®. RISK® is a registered trademark of Hasbro Inc., and neither Bungled Board Games L.L.C. nor Havoc Boards are associated with Hasbro Inc. in any way. A fully licensed copy of the game RISK® is necessary to utilize Havoc Boards to their full potential.

With that out of the way, let us be the first to introduce you to Havoc Boards! Havoc Boards are maps that can be used to play classic strategic war games on unique and real-life map locations. Each map has been painstakingly designed from scratch with incredible detail, with over six months of design going into our initial 15 maps!

Each map has been exactingly play-tested and offers an entirely unique playing experience. The maps are as geographically accurate as possible, with minor territorial changes to ensure excellent gameplay.

Remember, Havoc Board rewards include only a classic board style or engraved wood Havoc Board and one set of map specific territory cards, unique to the map ordered. If you intend to play Havoc Boards, but don't already own RISK®, go pick up a copy for the full Havoc experience!

Each board comes with a full set of territory cards unique to that map.

Please note that the pieces and dice in the image above do not come with any Havoc Board, they are from the game RISK® by Hasbro Inc. Scroll down to the Maps section to check out which maps we have to offer!

Voting Rights and Website Credit:

Every contributor will receive credit on our website (Currently under construction) along with voting rights during the campaign. When the initial campaign goal is reached ($20, 000) we will send out a one question survey to each contributor asking them to vote on which map will be released next. Every time another stretch goal is reached ($2, 000 increments) contributors will have another chance to vote.

Do old fashioned board games help growth of peop

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I bought many old fashioned board games from Milton Bradley and began to know this...
Board games help build character in people be they retired people or young children.
Board games are suffering.
People like quick and non focused entertainment without effort.
Board games such as Monopoly, or Risk, or older ones not popular at all, require a higher intelligence even to read the directions, let alone play. Show me a tlbrink and I will show you a person who as a young boy played board games all day long.
Going to Vegas

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What is the best wii balance board game?

I'm getting the wii fit thing with the balance board but i want 2 know the best wii balance board game for a 12 year old boy

I have the We Ski and that is a really fun game. Skate It is supposed to be a great game for skateboarders. Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip is also another highly rated game. For the complete list of wii fit balance board compatible games you can check out That site also has info about Wii Skins (protective covers that come in really cool designs for Wii accessories). A 12 year old boy would probably get a kick out of some of the designs.

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