Board game how to play Risk?

Rules Of RISK The Board Game

The Rules of Risk


Army pieces

Six sets of pieces, one set for each player, consist of a large numberof three pointed shaped pieces (each representing one army) plus several star or asterisk shaped pieces (equivalent to ten armies each).

Playing Board

The playing board is a map of six continents, each subdivided into several territories. The total number of territories is 42; each continent is aunique base color and contains from 4 to 12 territories. The map is designed to facilitate play rather than to be geographically accurate.

Risk Cards

The deck has 44 cards (plus a trademark card that is not used in the game). Of these, 42 have a single territory on them in addition to a figure of either a foot soldier, a horseman or a cannon. The remaining two cards are "wild cards" having all three figures but no territory. The deck is shuffled and placed face down in preparation for the game.


There are six dice, three white and three colored.

Summary of play

Risk is patterned after military campaign strategies. First, players in turn occupy all territories.

Then players take turns initiating battles. Each battle can have three parts: (1) deploying armies; (2) attacking the opposition;(3) fortifying the territories held.

The detailed instructions following explain the rules of the game.

Details of play

Each player counts out a number of his armies for initial deployment, according to the number of players in the game.

Players roll the dice to determine who goes first. That player placesone of his armies on any of the 42 territories, claiming it as his own.The second player (clockwise) place one of his armies on any remainingunoccupied territory. Each player takes his turn until all 42 territoriesare occupied. Players then continue in turn placing their armies, one ata time, on territories the already occupy. ( .)

After all armies have been placed, the board is ready for the campaigns.From this point on, each territory must be occupied by at least one armyfor the rest of the game.

Now the players in turn initiate battles. As already mentioned, thebattles include up to three stages: (1) deploying armies; (2) attacking the opposition; (3) fortifying territories. During any turna player may decide to omit either (2) or (3) or both. The following sectionexplains in detail each of the stages.

And to "Risk" players....

by rewinn

"...Our current leaders, who surely played Risk earlier in their lives, are now gleefully acting out their Napoleonic impulses... They want to play this thrilling, exciting game of domination for real -- and win.
The Risk territory directly to the east of the "Middle East" is Afghanistan. Don't we have U.S. troops (game pieces) there already? If war breaks out in the "Middle East" -- say, in Iraq -- won't those American troops fighting in Afghanistan be in an advantageous position to shore up the U.S. eastern flank, going through a country named Iran, also, coincidentally, one of the "Axis of Evil" regimes?
The Risk board makes it seem so elementary. To the south and southwest of the "Middle East" territory are East Africa and...

Anyone play the game Risk?

by TheGreenOne305

3,500 troops sent to Kuwait. More and more battleships in the gulf. Troops in Iraq. Troops in Afghanistan. Can anyone guess how many rolls it'll take to conquer the space on the board that has been surrounded?

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