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How digital boardgames are finding new life on tablets, and altering the medium forever

We arrange our forces and then go all in, overpowering the Earth Tyrant before us and sending him spinning into the Void. All that remains to mark his passing is a sweet pile of loot, bringing us one step closer to ultimate victory. It’s a moment that could have originated in any number of console or PC videogames, but what we’ve described is based on a card game called Ascension: Chronicle Of The Godslayer. Specifically, we’re playing the digital version available in the App Store.

It’s just one of the many boardgames to benefit from the growing uptake of the iPad and smartphones. In fact, the boardgame format is experiencing a massive, if quiet and rather unusual, resurgence. Take, for example, publisher Days Of Wonder, whose version of Ticket To Ride on iOS has been nothing short of a runaway success. According to CEO Eric Hautemont, the game of railway route building has “hovered around the top 100-120 grossing games in the US [App Store] consistently since its release in May 2011”. It’s an impressive claim, given a climate of visibility issues and quick turnover at the top. What’s more, over these last two years, the company’s digital revenue has increased from three per cent to 20 per cent of the business.

Ticket To Ride is no one-off either – Hasbro’s evergreen Monopoly and Scrabble both occupy positions in the top 100 grossing apps, and the sector is fruitful enough to support studios such as Playdek, whose whole remit is translating boardgames for the digital tabletop.

Perhaps this rather symbiotic success shouldn’t be surprising. After all, board and videogames and intermingled freely in the latter’s earliest days. Take Will Crowther, who was inspired to create seminal RPG Colossal Cave (AKA Adventure) after playing Dungeons & Dragons with his colleagues, a team making Internet forerunner ARPAnet. Recall Deep Blue, the supercomputer designed to beat a chess grand master, advancing our understanding of ludic algorithms. Ultima, Baldur’s Gate and more all owe a debt to games made from cardboard and imagination.

From our perspective now, it might be easy to believe that the digital format has advanced and left the old medium to dwindle away like a vestigial organ, but both have continued to develop. Crucially, the 1995 game of construction and settlement Settlers Of Catan helped to popularise the burgeoning ‘eurogame’ format, finding a worldwide audience for a new breed of quick-paced tabletop diversion. Fast forward to 2012, however, and it’s digital conversions of games that are reshaping the market, but not how you’d expect.

I know a few

by bmw_grrl

One of them is my cousin who is basically a man child. He is 40 and has a crappy job, lives with his mother and dates Asian girls through the Internet. He blames everyone for his lot in life. He believes in conspiracies and aliens. I think I had something to do with that though because I told him about coast to coast am.
He likes playing video games especially ones dealing with magic. Like you he also thinks he is psychic and plays around with stuff like the Ouija board.
I don't think it is a bad thing for someone to believe in those things. Personally, I believe in some conspiracies but I don't let any of that way get in the way of living.

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