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What types of activities do you offer in your after school program? Is it just martial arts?
Physical martial arts are just a small part of our program and is an elective activity. The philosophical side of martial arts or what we call "martial arts manners" serve as a back drop to the entire program. We realize that physical martial arts do not appeal to everyone, however the inherent respect and thoughtfulness that constitute "martial arts manners" do!

We offer homework assistance and subject tutoring daily and are staffed with professional educators and trained tutors. We have a mini basketball court on our training floor and offer soccer too. There are short twice weekly Tae Kwon Do lessons and electives for dance, yoga and games. Our LifeSkills curricula includes a special manners and character development component that children find fun and meaningful.Friends Forever We use a roundtable format to keep participation levels high and frequently use role play as a medium to teach the material. Children can use our computers to gain skills and there are a variety of board games and movies to choose from. We have a number of books for reading, and an area for arts and crafts .We offer ample "free time" after and between program activities.Tae Kwon Do is just a small part of the total program and is elective. It helps children to exercise and release energy, build confidence and self esteem, and understand how manners and respect are applied to every day life.

Anna remembers

by wildranger

The Cabin above had once been a place of fond memories.
Her Grandfather had built it as a hunting retreat. Every Thanksgiving the family would travel north to spend a week at the Cabin, hiking the blue ridge trails, playing board games round the table , and eating heartily from the amazing skills of the Davidson women.
Grandpa Richard went by the nickname of "Rug" locally, famous  in his home town  Asheville for his hospitality and sound judgement.  He was a self educated man who rose from poverty to become a prominent lawyer moving  to the coast and into Charleston society.
Anna remembered the traditional trail walks to the  mile high bridge  at Grandfather Mountain. She was only seven and Rug now retired from his law practice and physically slowing would...

Maybe to the music classes, no to EMT training

by cpahere

If the conservatory offers a degree program it should be an eligible educational institution so the class tuition should qualify for the life time learning credit. You don't have to be enrolled in a degree program for the life time learning credit (but you do for the Hope credit).
The EMT training clearly does not meet the definition of an eligible education institution. The cost of training may be deductible as a miscellaneous itemized deduction subject to the 2% adjusted gross income limitation.
Here are the key definitions from IRS Form 8863 instructions:
Qualified Education Expenses
Generally, qualified education expenses are amounts paid in 2006 for tuition and fees required for the student’s enrollment or attendance at an eligible educational...

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Other things to consider: Xbox Live Indie games has some real gems on the cheap; PS3 has had a really fantastic year and a half (aside from, you know, the PSN issue) and has been hitting the 360 hard with their exclusives on cross-platform games, as well as with their PS3-only titles; on top of that, the newly-announced PSP Remastered series will be bringing in previously-exclusive PSP titles; the Wii, though when it's solid it's really solid, has more or less run its course--but its comparatively cheap pricing and Netflix integration helps a heap.
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