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By Decree of The Czar.. » Board game replacement parts as D&D figs!

Board game replacement parts as D&D figs!

I was playing “Sorry!” with my 3 year old a couple days ago and realized that the pawns are the perfect size to be used as D&D figs on the battlemap. While I didn’t want to take his pieces as I may never return them again (bwahaha!) I went to the interwebs to see if I could buy some. Ebay was empty and I thought for sure I’d find some there. ! They have a whole section for replacement parts and they are DIRT cheap.

I went to the “S”‘s and found Sorry. For $3 (that even includes shipping) you get a complete set of Sorry! pawns. That’s 16 pawns in 4 colors.

To differentiate them from each other while in play, I’m going to use some 1/8″ colored dots I picked up and place them on the heads. Or.. I could paint them with colored stripes or something.

One thing we noticed at our last session is that from a distance it can be hard to tell the difference between the red and orange dots with both on the map at the same time. I solved the issues by placing dot with my pen on the orange one.

I called the Hasbro customer service line to ask how many pawns came in a bag and if I had to pay extra shipping. A full compliment of pawns was included and so was shipping. Awesome. So I ordered two bags. During the ordering process, the lady asked me how long I’ve had my Sorry! game. I should’ve said “Oh ages..” but instead I responded with “Oh I won’t be using this with Sorry!” She then asked me a slew of questions “A game for adults or children?”, “A Hasbro game?”, “Will you be selling the pieces?”, “Are you buying them for yourself?” Oye. If any of you order, just tell them they’re for your dang Sorry! game! ha.

Recently saw a cool short

by filmwatcher

On a VHS I got from the Public Library called the National Film Board of Canada: a History, vol. 1: Animation.
The most impressive short was called the Bead Game and was animated entirely with colored beads on a black background, which makes for a very striking image. The soundtrack is an Indian music ensemble. I can't really descirbe the story other than to call it something of a metaphor on the cycle of life and evolution (in 5 minutes), capping off with an anti-war message. It's dazzling though.
The tape had a lot of other good shorts too, including Norman McLaren's Neighbors which would probably go over with kids and adults.

There are several reasons

by nonanon

Among them:
- I'm accountable in my daily life to people I personally encounter. As we are all essentially anon here, green or grey, I don't see why I should be held accountable for what I say in an anonymous forum. Frankly, many people want accountability so they can research your history and say "gotcha" whenever it appears you've contradicted yourself. It's a petty little game for some. Fine, I'm a complex person and sometimes I don't express myself clearly when typing quickly on a fast-moving message board. But I don't really want petty people pestering me with "you once said..." and then I have to justify what I said, often with changing context.
- this is a politics forum, and as such, there are many controversial issues. Forcing people to have an "audit trail" stifles...

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What do board game pieces represent?

A board game piece represents a person who is playing the game (in a game such as Monopoly). Chess pieces are a bit different, they represent soldiers or leaders in a war being played out on the board. In Risk, pieces represent military units, such as battalions. Different games have different designs.

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