Game of Life board layout

Life, Work, Profit, Death

Hi Everyone!

We're still trying to recover from (preparing for and) running a Kickstarter campaign, but we don't get much of a break! Here's what's been happening since the end of the campaign:


Kickstarter surveys were sent and most of you responded quickly! However, we're still missing about 50 surveys, so if you have not completed the survey, please do so now.

An important note for everyone:

Through Kickstarter's survey system, you will have the opportunity to change your address before the game ships, if necessary.


We printed a test poster, pictured below. We then made a few changes (removed tagline, decreased size of title font, and increased size of the image itself) and sent the full order to the printer. If you added a poster to your pledge (and completed the survey), your poster will be shipping out in the next few weeks!


The original board is being updated to match the new outlines for the custom poor rock game pieces. This is still a work in progress, as every element of the game board's overlay is being redesigned:

We've also been testing an alternate layout for the winter side of the game board which is showing a lot of promise. It has 16 mine sites (instead of 18) and 6 camps (instead of 4). But each camp can only have 2 company houses built on it (instead of 3) and only touches 5 mine sites (instead of 6). As a result, it's a little more difficult and dangerous to produce copper, without having to learn or remember any special rules (other than only using 16 of the 18 terrain tokens during setup).

In the game above, Scott (red) squeaked out a victory over David (white) by picking up a 6 copper value specialization on his last turn to win 64(10) to 60(9). Half of our miners are in unrest or the cemetery...


BRIO BRIO Short Curved Track
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Who's up for Game night?

by RipshitHeart

Head Count!
Sunday 7:30ish at my place.
We have: scrabble, Boggle, Chutzpah (like Monopoly for Jews), Driver's Ed: The Game and the Buffy the Vampire Slayer board game for "real" games.
My homemade versions of: Clue, Life, Scattergories, Pictionary (veterans of game night remember this one), Heartthrobs
And the ever popular ONAG, or "oy, not another game!" in which you have to sing lines from songs.
So, come one, come all! Beer and snacks provided. Let me know if you're interested so I can know how many cookies to bake (and hopefully not burn this time)

For awhile, players get lost in the game

by ironwind

No matter the magnitude or intensity, be it physical or an isolated psychological board game, but the players eventually return, understanding that they are playing, understanding that it is a game.
Religion is a game played full time, the stakes often life & death, a continous pretense manufacturing dangers that correspond to the ideology of their particular text.

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What are the playing cards that are pictured on the layout of the game board?

There are different Michigan Rummy boards. The poker pool board pictures the King of Clubs, Jack of Spades, King of Hearts (more?)

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