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Interesting Facts About Board Games You Didn’t Know

Interesting Facts About Board Games You Didn't KnowWe had 6 kids in my house when I was growing up, so money was not plentiful. Because we were on a budget, we were not able to go to the movies or other outside activities very often. Instead, we would spend nights inside with a bowl of popcorn, some soda and our favorite board games. We were fiercely competitive, especially between my 3 older brothers. Things could get pretty heated, especially when we played Monopoly! While the kids and I were stuck inside because of the harsh winter weather, we were playing a game of Clue and I wondered how the game got its name. I looked it up and found some great information. Here is just a snippet of cool factoids and history I gathered!

  • Monopoly: is the classic game about money, property and real estate power. The game was created back in 1934 and as of this printing, there have been 1240 different versions made. Fun Fact: According to ABC News, During World War II, “special edition” Monopoly games were used to help the POWs escape by including hidden maps, compasses and other tools within the game.
  • Scrabble: is the classic game of words and one I love to use when I home school Henry.Board Games The game was originally created by an out-of-work architect back in 1948. Teachers enjoy tapping into The National School Scrabble Program, which is a creative way for them to help students learn vocabulary, spelling and math skills. Fun Fact: There are 84 words in the English language that include a “Q” with no “U”.
  • Yahtzee: is the game of dice which uses poker-themed combinations which adds up to points for the win. Originally, the game, which was invented in 1956, was called “The Yacht Game.” This was because it was created by a Canadian couple aboard their yacht. The game was later patented by a toy entrepreneur and made for sale to the public.
  • The Game of Life: is a favorite of my sister and I, is about life! It is often referred to simply as Life, but was initially called The Checkered Game of Life when it was created in 1860. The modern version now known as The Game of Life was made in 1960.
  • Clue: is the classic murder mystery game and it was my moms ultimate favorite . The game was first introduced in England in 1949, where it is known as Cluedo. There have been 8 different editions of Clue in the US and 3 different editions in the UK, as well as several different spin-offs of the original game. Fun Fact: Clue was originally named Murder! and was created to pass the time during the war when troops were stuck in underground bunkers during long air raid drills.

You're bored with the bar scene because...

by FudgieMcNiqua

It IS boring. Gay guys who go out drinking every weekend - be it alone or with friends - tend to be either messy alcoholics or tedious shrieking queens, with substantial overlap between the two!
It's also a great waste of time and money. Think how many interesting books you could read, or how much money you could save up for a trip to someplace interesting you've always wanted to go, with all of the time and money you're wasting away on overpriced drink at bars.
Going out with friends to a bar, or going bar-hopping with them, every once in a great while, can be fun. But not every weekend. Not even every month! Two or three times a year at most!
Thankfully, I have the constitution of an old man so I can hardly stay up past 11pm most nights, so I usually don't go...

What its like having no cable for 2 years

by wat2dowat2do

We have not had cable connected for two years. We can afford it, but I just think it isn't worth it and I think it teaches people to dumb down.
My neighbor went on and on how crazy i would be cause I wouldn't be able to talk with other people about what Star said on the View. I sat there and thought... you're right, I'd rather talk to people about more interesting things with more interesting people.
We get home mail delivered DVD service (there's blockbuster and Netflix that I know of) and they mail 3 or 5 DVDs of my choice to the house each week. We're talking $18-30 per month. I think its much better value.
I can watch what I want, when I want. I don't have to sit around waiting half hour for it to start. No commercials. no one hundred stations of TV evangilists,...

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