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So, about a month ago, I got an email from one of my wonderful readers. The email was pretty simple - just asking for me to review Space Alert. Well, I had coincidentally just acquired a copy of the game the weekend before, and so I did my best to get the review turned around in a timely manner. In fact, I'm posting it approximately one month after the request (having never played the game when she asked)! Yes, I'm quite proud of myself (and am now verbally patting myself on the back). Hopefully, that person is still reading my blog!

In Space Alert, your crew is taking your ship out to explore uncharted sectors of space. Unfortunately, (as when Q sent the Enterprise to unexplored space and they encountered the Borg in Star Trek), you have no idea what you will encounter. Even more unfortunately, encountering friendly aliens that want to help you can make for a good TV show, but makes for a lousy game - and so, everything you encounter is trying to kill you. Space Alert plays very differently than most games. After setting up the game, you play a 10 minute sound clip, and (as a team) you plan all of your actions during those 10 minutes. During the track, you will be setting up your actions to determine what your character will be doing on the ship - moving, firing lasers and rockets, charging shields, recharging energy supplies, fighting intruders, and more. Once the track is complete, you resolve all of the actions that you planned, and you see if your ship survived. If so, great! You win. If not. well. good thing it's a game.

Space Alert boardThe first pro that I have for Space Alert is that it is a very innovative game. You very rarely have a game that comes with some kind of media interaction (well, unless you play video games). The last game that I can remember doing something like this is the old Star Trek Interactive VCR game that I had as a child. Fortunately, the creators of Space Alert planned ahead a bit more than the Star Trek creators - they provide several different ways to play the tracks. You can use the CDs that are provided, download mp3 tracks to use on an iPod, or (if desperate) even have a person with a timer read aloud what happens. And, unlike my Star Trek VCR game, though there are only a few different tracks (around 8 I think), the tracks don't limit the replayability. Instead, the track will call out that a threat is appearing and coming towards a certain part of your ship - but the replayability lies in the different threats that might appear. There are several different threats provided, and there are even different difficulties of threat, so the game will stay fresh for quite a while.

You must protect this ship!

The second thing that I like about Space Alert is that it is a cooperative game that really requires cooperation! I have played a lot of cooperative games - I really like them. However, people are always quick to point out that you can really play any of them solo. Though I do not prefer that, I can understand this argument. You can also run into issues where one person bosses everyone else around and ruins the fun for everyone. Space Alert avoids these issues. There is simply too much going on for one player to run the game for everyone else. If each player isn't paying attention to what's going on and coordinating with all of the other players, then the mission will quite possibly be doomed. Lack of communication can cause critical issues - such as a player shooting a laser that doesn't have enough energy to actually fire, because another player already used their energy (or failed to charge it as they were supposed to). You can also get in each other's way on the elevators. Or you can redundantly attack the same threat while a different threat is left unimpaired. Or not realize that another player expected you to coordinate an attack. (Or. or... or...) Coordination is critical in this game.

It was "OK"

by Post-Artist

Although the concept was great (a political art show in a large warehouse space), I was very unimpressed with the quality of the art. I don't mean to berate my fellow artists, but the work, for the most part, just seemed rushed, hurried, unwitty, watered-down and diluted. There were a few exceptions, of course. A set of three posters of GWB were quite funny, and there was a Monolpoy Game that someone had completely refashioned into a giant Patriot Act board game (this looked labor-intensive and wa pretty funny to).
And I should publicly state that Artinflux's painting of the bobblehead Jesse Jackson was, by a landslide, the most well-crafted piece at the show; easily head and shoulders above the rest. The paint was supertick and yet perfectly controlled. Nice work Art! Even...

Doom 3 on xbox first impressions

by URN8P2

After playing Combat Task Force 121, a truly sub-par fps I was rewarded with iD’s dark scary shooter.
The game starts out a little slow, they want to build the story line a little. The game asks you as your first assignment on Mars to get a scientist who’s lost. When you find him all hell breaks loose. Demons appear the devil voices start screaming.
I was playing in the dark from about 8 to 10 last night. Pentagrams appear out of nowhere and demons come charging at you. I like how the camera goes to 3rd person for a few minutes to build suspense when bigger monsters come running at you. I only have the pistol, shotgun, and the machinegun so far and see a few more slots for more weapons to come. I hope they have a chainsaw like the orginal doom.
What I don’t...

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angry birds space -funny game!
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