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6 Fun And Wacky Board Games For College Students

Can’t think of a game you or your friends would all enjoy? No problem; here is a list of 6 fun board games college students will enjoy.

1. Quelf. This game calls for players to answer funny trivia questions, do outrageous stunts and activities, or follow wacky rules, and calls for you to be creative and play with a sense of humor. Players go through the game as one of eight characters, with names like “The Dude, ” “Super Ninja Monkey” and “Queen Spatula.”

The game’s cards fall into five categories, from Showbiz, which will prompt the player to sing, mime, write poems, do impressions, and more, to Quizzle, which consists of challenging and bizarre trivia, riddles and brainteasers. Quelf works best if you have at least four to six people playing.

2. Cards Against Humanity. Described as a “party game for horrible people, ” Cards Against Humanity is similar to the game Apples to Apples; each round one person, the “Card Czar, ” asks a question from a black card and then the other players pick their funniest white card to play as answers to the black card.

The Card Czar then reads all the white cards submitted and picks the one he likes best, earning the chosen white card’s player a point before the process repeats with a new Card Czar. The name of the game comes from the phrase “crimes against humanity” which plays on the fact that some of the game’s cards are offensive, crude, or not PC. The game can be played by as few as three people or by a larger group of over 20.

You know, my mourning routine is kinda funny.

by advancedlobster

I get up an hour before I usually start getting ready, around 6:30-7:00am, make my coffee via french press, and surf the web till about 8:00.
Then work where it's been slow for the past several weeks and after work, I'll be doing my weekly board game/table top meet up with a few friends for D&D/Munchkin/Arkham Horror/etc.
I've been contemplating Portal 2 hard but don't want to shell out the 60 when I know it'll drop in price soon.
bust conturing cream, ๆ

You know some people find certain things funny

by -

That others would not correct?
My dh and I have known each other a long time and we are the couple say we are playing cards or a board game with friends and I beat him or vice versa we will be like you asshole or bitch and its complete play for us
Neither is uf is offending and we don't mean anything abd by it honestly
Its just how some ppl are different from others

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