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Pentago Multiplayer – Twisting fun for more

Pentago board gameTaking a fun 2-player abstract strategy board game and turning it into a similarly fun abstract strategy board game for more players can be difficult. But the folks at Mindtwister managed to make it work well with Pentago Multiplayer.

Just over a year ago we reviewed Pentago and gave it high marks for a number of reasons. Pentago requires strategic thinking, planning ahead, and watching out for what the other player might be up to. A single game of Pentago is also rather quick – making it nice to play multiple games back-to-back – employing different strategies and tactics each time.

Since we enjoy the simple elegance and head-to-head nature of Pentago, when we had a chance to play Pentago Multiplayer we wondered if the game could maintain the elements that make the original so enjoyable.

The good news is that Pentago Multiplayer is another abstract strategy game that’s very enjoyable – and can now be enjoyed by more people at one time.

How to Play Pentago Multiplayer
The objective of Pentago Multiplayer and the way you play it is exactly the same as the original.Pentago board game Players compete to be the first to get 5 of their tokens/markers in a straight row – in any direction (vertical, horizontal, diagonal). Each player does two things on their turn – they place one of their markers on any open spot and then they twist one of the sections 90 degrees.

It’s very simple – which makes it easy to pull out and play with anyone. The tricky element is figuring out how to get your markers in a row without the other players noticing before it’s too late to stop you.

Pentago board gameThe part that makes Pentago Multiplayer trickier than the original is that players now have to keep their eyes on the actions of more opponents. It’s easy to get caught up in moving your own plans ahead while forgetting to keep an eye on the others. And when there are 3 opponents, there’s more to watch out for – which adds to the enjoyment.

Mix It Up
Of course, Pentago Multiplayer can also be played with less than 4 players. A 3 player game of Pentago Multiplayer can make for a fun battle and it’s even great with just 2 players – having more area to work with (a board with 9 versus 4 segments in the original). Or you can choose to team up – 2 vs. 2 or even 2 vs. 1. Mix it up and have fun.

Pentago board game Pentago board game

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The one that played me in a big way got off so much on all the types of games you describe and then some.
When I finally caught on, he even enjoyed exposing his games to me, just to see my jaw drop to the floor.
I tell you, he was a sociopath or something.
He also loved doing it in other areas of his life, like fooling recruiters or salespeople, suing people and lying about what they did. He loved being taken to court even to lie his way out of it.
It was a full-blown game to him. There are some that would go much further than just opening a new email account.
I could open an email account right...

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