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Have Fun with Educational Games in the Classroom

educational gamesRemember the excitement you felt when your teacher put away her book and reading glasses and announced that it was time to play a game? Every student enjoys a break in the school day, and pulling out an educational game is a great way to have fun while still engaging your mind.
Games help teach kids how to follow rules, pay attention and develop strategies. To out-smart their opponents, kids must assess all their options in the game and then use skills like math, reading and reasoning come up with a plan for victory.
When choosing games to use in the classroom or even at home with your kids, look for games that encourage teamwork and help create a sense of belonging to a community. Being part of a team and feeling included helps to build confidence and develop self-esteem. Kids want to be important!
Most importantly, game playing is the perfect opportunity to promote good sportsmanship. Whether winning or losing, it’s about having fun!
Check out these great educational classroom games from MindWare:
Math Dice: Roll the three blue dice, and form a math equation using those three numbers that gets as close to the Target Number as possible.educational games Students can use addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or even powers to create the equation. Easy to store, quick to play and adaptable for all skill levels, Math Dice allows for multiplayer team play or tournaments. (Recommended Ages: 8 to 12)

Q-bitz: Simultaneous game play and three different types of visual challenges make Q-bitz the perfect game for students’ multiple learning styles. Each round has players racing to arrange their cubes to match the pattern on the Q-bitz card; additional challenges include rolling the cubes and re-creating the pattern from memory. For 2 to 4 players or teams; combine multiple copies of Q-bitz to get the entire class playing. (Recommended Ages: 8 and up)

Professor Noggin’s Science Card Games: Games in this entertaining series each have 30 sturdy cards with trivia, true/false and multiple-choice questions that build confidence and memory retention. Professor Noggin’s Science Card Games each include a three-sided die and 180 questions. (Recommended Ages: 7 and up)

Eureka Eureka Hands on Management Center Signs Mini Bulletin Board Sets
Toy (Eureka)
  • Each set contains 8 panels; total package size is 6.5 x 26-inches long
  • 21 Die-cut center signs and 3 die-cut blank signs
  • From Math and Music to Snack and Science, all of the signs you need to point foks in the right direction
  • Bulletin Board sets are great for the classroom, home, parties, or use for bedroom and playroom wall décor
  • Created by Eureka, a leading innovator in classroom supplies, school décor, activities, and educational fun for children of all ages

Trivial Pursuit DVD Pop Culture

by clrocks

Is really good. It comes with an interactive dvd that you access when you go for a piece of the pie.
I've played it a few times and it's been fun, and it's good for groups.
Cranium is another good one, you can pick it up at Starbucks.
Can you be any more specific about what you are looking for? Board games, video games etc.

Bored? Play a board game!  — CTV News
Whether you're at the cottage, campsite or at home, a boardgame is a great way to get every member of the family in on the fun. Jon Levy of Mastermind Toys paid a visit to Canada AM to share some of his favourites! Games for the Cottage.

Valtech llc Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors 100 Piece Set
Toy (Valtech llc)
  • Magna-Tiles® Easily Connect for Hours of Open-Ended Play
  • Create Cubes, Pyramids, and Other Geometric Shapes - Think in 3-D!
  • Be Creative with Imaginative, Hands-On Play to Build Anything You Can Imagine!
  • Develop Math, Science, Spatial and Tactile Skills
  • Parents, Teachers, and Children of All Ages Love Magna-Tiles!
Edvotek Edvotek S-80 Classroom Molecular Biology Toys and Games
BISS (Edvotek)
  • This novel Bingo game is an excellent resource to introduce concepts of the genetic code
  • The games can be played over several class periods
  • Concepts reinforced include the genetic code, single and three letter amino acid abbreviations, and the characteristics of amino acids
  • The game includes the Gene of Fortune Spinner, 10 different cards, game chips, and instruction manual
  • This resource utilizes a set of game boards, genetic dice, and game chips to reinforce concepts centering on Watson-Crick DNA base pair rules
THQ Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader: Game Time - Xbox 360
Video Games (THQ)
  • Test your knowledge with 5 challenging questions Can you reach the Million Dollar question before exhausting your Peek Cheat or Save
  • Test your aptitude in over 28 categories including World History Drama Space Science Geography Vocabulary and more
  • Enjoy game show excitement just like the show from the classmate peer pressure to Jeff Foxworthys wisecracks
  • Get Ready for nonstop fun on your Xbox360 and Wii with exciting multiplayer game modes that will challenge everyone in the classroom
Lakeshore Learning Materials Out of This World: Interactive Earth & Space Science Game - Gr. 1-3
Video Games (Lakeshore Learning Materials)
  • Kids master earth & space science concepts--on an interactive race through outer space
  • Interactive software features a high-interest format that turns learning into a game
  • Children learn about Earth s processes, properties & events, plus stars, galaxies & more
  • For ages 6-8 years
  • Designed for use with interactive whiteboards and computers; Mac/Win compatible


How to Use Poster Boards to Create a Science Center in the Classroom?

If you're determined to use poster boards to create a science center in the classroom you can. After you have decorated or labeled them,laminate the boards in order to give them protection

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