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Top Ten GamesIf you are reading this blog, then you probably already love board games (or are looking more into the hobby). However, the blessing and curse of any board gamer, is the need for other players. While the video gamer can just power up their Xbox and start playing, board gamers need other people in the same location to play.
So one of the best ways to increase your pool of available players is by introducing your friends and family to your board gaming hobby. Everyone has played a board game growing up, but most people don’t realize there is a many games out there that involve more strategy than “roll and move” or “draw and play”.
Once you’ve got a prospective new recruit, your first decision is deciding what game to teach them first, their gateway game. You dot’ want to start them out with heavy games like Arkham Horror or Twilight Imperium. You need games that are fun, easy to learn, and have a play time of around an hour or so. It also helps to have a game where no one is eliminated until the end.Zombie Dice While Bang! is a great game, if your friend gets killed in the first round and has to spend the next 45 minutes watching TV, your gateway attempt will most likely fail. Keep all those factors in mind when making your selection.

Here are my Top Ten Gateway Game choices. This list will be, of course, highly subjective. But these are the games that I will reach for first when it’s time to introduce a new person to my board gaming world.

10) Zombie Dice

Lords of Waterdeep Board GameI’m starting off with something simple. This one made the list because of how accessible it is. It makes a really good filler game, and it’s different than traditional dice games. If you asked your non-gamer friend what their favorite dice game is, chances are they will say the only one they know: Yahtzee. There is nothing wrong with Yahtzee, it wouldn’t still be selling after all these years if there was. However, it’s time to make a new introduction. will introduce them to a dice game that isn’t about math or numbers. It’s fun, its quick, it has a trendy theme and it’s very easy to learn. Zombie Dice is a great game for those casual nights when you needs something quick and easy to pick up.

9) Guillotine

(full review) is one of the few card games to make the list and another “filler game”. This game is probably the least “gateway” of the bunch because it’s the game most like something they’ve played before. The draw a card, play a card mechanic will be nothing new to them. However, the theme and the use of 2 different card decks will help introduce them to a new type of card game that doesn’t involve abstract numbers as the main focus. It’s easy to learn, has a quick play time, and has a quirky theme. It also has a fair amount of player interaction to help keep things interesting, as long as your group is OK with occasionally attacking each other.

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Board games are amazing!!

by JonnywithaJ

Nothing beats getting with friends and have some REAL fun. Almost anything goes and there's more interaction. You're not just mashing buttons and talking trash.
My favorite.. (kind of) board game is Hoopla. It's super fun and very family friendly. All ages can play and it's easy to pick up. Played last night actually.

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