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A real-time city-building game where you scramble to arrange your nine tiles into a 3x3 grid that creates the best possible city, in terms of grouping certain regions of houses together and having connected roads and so forth.

54 square city tiles, which are the main part of the game, along with a decent-quality bag to hold/mix them. 1 wooden tree token, 1 minute sand timer. Each player also has a combination playeraid/scoreboard, wooden scoring cube, and a bunch of punched-out cardboard tiles of various shapes.

Players are each dealt a stack of 9 face-down city tiles, and then the timer is flipped. Players have one minute to arrange their tiles into a 3x3 grid that best maximizes their points, and (full game only) before time expires they may also wager that their city is the best at accomplishing certain things by hiding a Contractor token in their hand. A player may also end their round early by grabbing the tree token from the middle of the table, but then may not adjust their board any further.

Once time expires, anyone whose city is incomplete must shuffle their unplaced tiles face-down and randomly add them to their board to complete the 3x3 grid layout. If anyone grabbed the tree, that player scores points for the lake and park regions in their city. Then, players who held Contractor tokens for a color check to see if they have the most buildings of that color in a single contiguous color region. If so, they score 3 points, otherwise they lose 2 points. Likewise, the longest road token scores 3 points if successful, loses 2 if not.

Then, each player scores their city board by looking at each separate color region to see how many buildings of that color are present. In the basic game, each region with 2-4 blue buildings will score you 2 points, while a region with 8 blue buildings will score you 7 points. Once all scores are tallied, if anyone has passed 150, the player with the highest score wins. If nobody has passed 150, tiles are shuffled for another round.

(The full game adds "Delayed Scoring", where your first X scores for a certain color/building threshold don't count, but once you have completed that pre-requisite, further regions that score that amount will score normally.)


*Fast and fun. In terms of game speed, it's hard to argue with a game that has one-minute rounds. And a minute is none too long, as I frequently found myself out of time before I was done. It's absolutely engaging for the full amount of time you're playing, which is very nice.

*No downtime. In addition to the fast round speed overall, almost everything is simultaneous. Players assemble their own cities simultaneously, and can even score them simultaneously as well. Players only really need to come together to do the Contractor token scoring. The biggest advantage of this is that when playing with larger groups (4-6), the game hardly takes any longer than playing 2-3 player.

To Jay2020

by mpscan

I agree with the points you posted completely. I hope you're very happy in Pitt. I've been there and it is a great city, and I wanna get to a Pirates game sometime soon. :)
I have never lived or even been to the Bay Area before. I'm on the east coast and just come to this board to make myself feel good.
It's funny seing these people pay 500k for shacks and bitching over laws and rent control. It's so funny, I just keep coming back for more.
I've learned alot here but the main thing I have learned is that I will never move to the Bay Area. It's not worth the rat race and crap everyone talks about. I don't give a f--k how great it is... christ, even if it is heaven on earth with god right there himself on Market street, these people are dillusional.
I'll have...

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What is a fun board game for a date?

Any board game makes for a fun time on a date! It just depends on what you both are feeling like at the moment. Have fun!

What makes board games fun?

I want to win boardgames... I think it is the excitement.

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