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Board Games and Fun: Takenoko, Timeline, & Tokaido

takenoko gameI’m sure everyone is familiar with the mass produced Monopoly, Life and Clue (among other) games that dominate American households. Sadly, there are so many more great games out there and many people are unfamiliar with them.

A friend of ours owns a specialty game store and delightfully, we receive new games for our birthday and Christmas each year. We have thereby discovered many fun, new games that aren’t found in chain stores. I would like to share three of our new favorites with you today.

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is a game for 2-4 players that focuses around caring for a giant panda bear. This involves having a farmer grow different types of bamboo on their associated, watered fields and moving the panda around to eat it. The pieces are also beautifuland very high-quality; the bamboo and die are made of wood and the tiles of sturdy cardboard.

As the game progresses, players build a single garden (collaboratively or independently) and move a sole farmer and panda around it while trying to complete hidden goals dictated by drawn cards. The actions of each player influence his/her opponents directly and will often aid them in completing goals, adding depth to gameplay choices.timeline When one player achieves a set target number of goals everyone else gets a final turn and then victory points for completed goals are totaled to determine the winner.

The is based on cards which you arrange in a chronological timeline. The game mechanics are super easy and it’s highly addictive – we enjoyed it so much that even after a winner was determined, we kept drawing cards just for fun. The cards are small, about half the size of a deck of standard cards, and each game comes with a set of 100. Additional expansion games include Historical Events, Diversity Game, Music & Cinema, and Inventions. The sets are interchangeable, and I’ve heard rumor that Monuments, Arts & Literature, Music, and Sports are soon to follow.

Everyone who I have played this game with has loved it. It has become an instant classic in my family. It is simple, quick, and fun. What I love best about this came, however, is the educational nature of the game design. You learn as you go! I can’t wait to incorporate additional expansions.


by Paloma100

We have an organization who runs bingo games. Any charitable organization can be put on the list to participate. They have the license and provide the site. You have to furnish the workers. They get a percentage of the money raised. I believe the games are held weekly, and you can participate on a regular schedule if you want to and the requests permit--like once a month.
Our local SPCA ran its own bingo game weekly years ago, and it was the biggest fundraiser they had. Some people thought it was "gambling" though, and when there was a new board, they did away with it.

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by libranic

For PAWS, a 10-year-old no-kill facility best known for its highly successful spay and neuter programs, that means bringing adoptable animals to Bloomingdale's in Oak Brook for an adoption event or having members of its Professional Board be guest bartenders at a fundraiser at a Lincoln Avenue bar--locations and events that might have seemed bizarre not too long ago.
"People love to go to events at venues where you don't typically bring a dog or a pet," said Kevin Morrissey, PAWS' director of communications.
"A hotel, for example. We'll get 200, 300 people [and sometimes 100 or more dogs] at these events."
PAWS Chicago had 629 adoptions in 2005 and 832 last year, and, buoyed by a state-of-the-art Lincoln Park shelter it's opening later this year, is aiming for 1,600...

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