Factory fun board game

Factory Fun Game Review

The Basics:

Ages 10+ Players 2 – 5 30-45 minutes

Geek Skills:

Counting & Math Logical & Critical Decision Making Emotional Coping Skills Strategy & Tactics Risk vs. Rewards Visuospatial Skills

Learning Curve:

Child – Moderate Adult – Easy

Theme & Narrative:

Players are tasked to build the most profitable factory by connecting input and output reservoirs in the most efficient manner to the machines they choose each round.


Father Geek approved! Child Geek approved!


Factory Fun is a game in which the players pick a different machine in each of the ten rounds attempting to connect them with machines from previous rounds to come up with the most money (victory points) at the end of the game.

Each player is assigned the following:

One two-sided game board depicting a factory floor Easy side (“classic”) Hard side (“expert”) Ten machine tiles (face-down) Three tiles depicting normal output reservoirs Four tiles depicting material to be used by the machines “Blue” material “Pink” material “Green” material “Orange” material One thick wooden disk in the player’s color to be placed on the “pillar” space of their factory floor game board

The general supply contains the following:

One “bank” track (scoring track), with a smaller disk of the player’s color starting with $2 on the track Eight (two of each) tiles depicting the colored material used by the machines Thirteen tiles depicting black output reservoirs 144 tiles depicting connection pipes (cross, single direction, “T”, curve, etc..)

Players have limitations with regard to money and supplies. Unless obtained by a tile, the only tiles that can be taken from the general supply are the connection tiles. This immediately tells the players that machines must connect to one another eventually as each player only has three normal output containers, yet, they need to place ten machines!

Machines have one to three inputs of various colors, as well as an output, which will also have one of the four colors or black (in the case of a black output, the black output container is acquired from the general supply). Each machine has a number listed on it, corresponding to the amount of money obtained when placed. However, there is a cost to connect the machine as well! Sources, output containers, pipes as well as movement of factory components all have a cost, which is where skill (and some luck of the draw!) come to play.

If you cannot place the tile, you lose $5 and the machine tile is taken out of the game. Connecting one machine having an output of one color to the input of a machine needing that color scores bonus points at the end of the game (there are some rules as to how this can be done). At the end of ten rounds, the bonus points are added to the track and the player with the most money wins the game.

Final Word

My six-year old son, Kyan, loves to build things with LEGOs and enjoys math; therefore, this game seemed like a good game to expose him to regardless of the fact that the box says its for ages 10+. That said, some simple house rules were used to make the game more accessible to Kyan, while still keeping it fun for me.


by Paloma100

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What is a fun board game for a date?

Any board game makes for a fun time on a date! It just depends on what you both are feeling like at the moment. Have fun!

What makes board games fun?

I want to win boardgames... I think it is the excitement.

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