Should Christian Families Play board games

Why Families Should Play Games

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Why Families Should Play Games

We love games! Perhaps this love of game-playing stems from my MK (missionary kid) roots – no tv, no electricity, but we did have board games! Perhaps the love for games also comes from many years of working with youth groups. Perhaps the teacher in me just loves being able to engage young brains in learning activities that are fun and entertaining for the whole family.

I’m sure all of those reasons come into play in one way or another. Over the years family game time has been something we all look forward to, and I think more families could benefit from it as well! Even those who don’t have their own families can enjoy similar benefits by playing games with those they have relationships with (friends, neighbors, other relatives, church family).

  1. Quality family time. We play games together and laugh together. Sometimes, we even get mad at each other. :) Often family game time results in more than just playing a game to win. While we play, we relate to one another and focus in on one another. Playing games together leads to a lot of good conversation and sometimes even leads to family jokes that last well beyond game time. Years later, whenever I hear certain phrases, like “rooooo-aaaaaaddd, ” I’m instantly taken back to some awesome family memories. Some games have even become part of our family identity (Settlers of Catan, for example, is simply known as “The Game” in our household). Why not build game-play into your family identity?
  2. Media-free entertainment. Yes, I’m one of “those” moms. Even before our children were born, I knew I didn’t want them to spend a lot of time in front of the tv. My husband and I have compromised by allowing tv, but with time limits. So, we try to find other ways to encourage our children to entertain themselves when they are bored. On rainy days, wintery days, or long summer days of boredom, why not break out a board game or card game?
  3. Frugal entertainment. Other than the initial cost of a game, and perhaps some snack food, you can entertain a whole house full of people for very little.Games1 In fact, we’ve entertained guests with games that you don’t even have to pay for, such as Mafia (a story-telling, role-playing, whodunnit? type of game). Family Fun nights are often game nights when the budget doesn’t allow for taking out a family of six. Also, My husband and I even have mini-dates at home on occasion when the kiddos are sleeping by playing Battleship or other two-player games.
  4. Learning new skills. Playing games is not only entertaining, but it can also teach your children new skills, such as counting, matching, planning, developing strategy, problem-solving, and more. The bonus? It’s so much fun, your children won’t even realize they are learning. :)
  5. Learning sportsmanship. Children have to learn how to be good sports, whether they are winning or losing. We have one child in particular who is extremely competitive and really struggles with emotions in general. What a perfect opportunity to model good sportsmanship for him and his siblings during family game night. Additionally, playing together as a family gives children multiple opportunities to make mistakes and grow...

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Ouija Boards

by charlesgeorgetaylo

Before my cousin Sally and I started playing Show and Tell with a twist of Truth or Dare, we were Ouija Board junkies. Perhaps that typewriter of the devil was what eventually led to our sin of incest. I considered the time spent with our hands gliding over the playing board as godly.
We carried that magical board around with us in October, 1984 like little league players with a stack of baseball trading cards.
On Halloween eve, Sally invited me to her house and bedroom and we tested the magic of the Milton Bradley game in a new environment. We had only played the game in my family’s basement and no real magic had taken place there. In her bedroom, all hell broke loose.
Sally lit a candle and we sat on her bed with our legs crossed in Indian style. If ever there...

Fort Lone Tree, Capitan New Mexico

by Thechums

We love this place and you will too. Fort Lone Tree, Capitan
(say Cap - eee - tan) New Mexico. Our son attended summer camp there. It was started by a couple with a strong faith-based plan, and the place has some support from various faith groups, but demonstration of faith or a linkage to faith is not a requirement. We rented the place for a family retreat a year ago and it was just fantastic.
The fort is 10 miles up a dirt road at Capitan Mountain. It is built like an old-west fort with stockade fencing, and all log contruction. Each corner of the stockade has a cabin-tower. Each tower has 4 bunkrooms, each bunkroom has 10 bunks and bathroom. It can sleep up to 160 guests. When we used the place we had 22 people; we put the girls in one bunkroom, the boys in another,...

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