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Pandemic – Let’s all save the world together

Pandemic board gamesPandemic is fantastic family fun!
It’s a cooperative board game that has everyone trying to beat the game – you either all win or all lose. And believe us, there are many ways to lose.

Players take on different roles and work together to rid the world of diseases. Not only do you have to stop them from outbreaking, but you also need to find the cures. It’s like working out a puzzle together – with the fate of the world in your hands and time ticking away.

Check out Caleb’s video review of Pandemic to see what it’s all about.

It’s actually the first video review Caleb did when we were first getting started doing video reviews of board games. Pandemic was picked because it’s a great family game. And Caleb shows that even a 6 year old can pitch in to save the world.

Pandemic board game

Can the whole family enjoy Pandemic?

Absolutely! That’s the best way to play it.
Although all 6 of us can’t play at once, it’s okay – because with it being a cooperative game even those sitting on the side can chime in with their suggestion on what to do next.

But be careful, because it’s addicting too. When you lose, you’ll just want to start all over again. And when you win, you’ll want to increase the difficulty level and try again. Of course, we have yet to win on the highest difficulty level.

But we don’t mind trying again, and again, and again…

Pandemic immediately earned a spot as one of our top 10 family games.

So when we started thinking about doing game reviews, Pandemic and BANG! were the ones we started with. This video review was our first test run with just our standard camera that we use to snap photos. But since it had a video option, we gave it a shot. So the video may look grainy, but it was a fun start.

Pandemic board gameTake our word for it – you really want this game in your family game collection.

Of course, you better watch out there too, because an expansion for the game came out and we’re warning you now that you’ll want it. We got the expansion for Christmas 2009 and it takes Pandemic to an even greater level. Keep an eye out for our video review of Pandemic: On The Brink coming soon.

Update 2013: We’ve now posted our review of Pandemic: On the Brink and you can read about all the great things it adds to the game in our review.

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Interested in what others think of Pandemic?

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Ouija Boards

by charlesgeorgetaylo

Before my cousin Sally and I started playing Show and Tell with a twist of Truth or Dare, we were Ouija Board junkies. Perhaps that typewriter of the devil was what eventually led to our sin of incest. I considered the time spent with our hands gliding over the playing board as godly.
We carried that magical board around with us in October, 1984 like little league players with a stack of baseball trading cards.
On Halloween eve, Sally invited me to her house and bedroom and we tested the magic of the Milton Bradley game in a new environment. We had only played the game in my family’s basement and no real magic had taken place there. In her bedroom, all hell broke loose.
Sally lit a candle and we sat on her bed with our legs crossed in Indian style. If ever there...

Fort Lone Tree, Capitan New Mexico

by Thechums

We love this place and you will too. Fort Lone Tree, Capitan
(say Cap - eee - tan) New Mexico. Our son attended summer camp there. It was started by a couple with a strong faith-based plan, and the place has some support from various faith groups, but demonstration of faith or a linkage to faith is not a requirement. We rented the place for a family retreat a year ago and it was just fantastic.
The fort is 10 miles up a dirt road at Capitan Mountain. It is built like an old-west fort with stockade fencing, and all log contruction. Each corner of the stockade has a cabin-tower. Each tower has 4 bunkrooms, each bunkroom has 10 bunks and bathroom. It can sleep up to 160 guests. When we used the place we had 22 people; we put the girls in one bunkroom, the boys in another,...

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