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Great Board Games for New Year’s Eve

Word on the StreetIt’s hard to believe that 2010 is coming to a close. But that also means it’s time for a New Year’s Eve party. If you’re not venturing out to big city celebrations, but rather kicking back at home with family and/or friends, then we’ve got some good board game suggestions for you.

The types of games you typically want to have at a New Year’s Eve party are ones that are full of energy to keep everyone and the party moving along. You won’t have anybody dozing off to sleep with these board games.

Word on the Street is a board game that’s at the top of our party games list. Whenever we get a big group together we like to pull out Word on the Street for a number of reasons.

  • You play in teams so it’s us against them
  • Even reserved individuals get into the action
  • There’s no down time
  • The action heats up when you’re battling over the last few letters
  • There’s usually lots of shouting

Catch Phrase!See our full review of Word on the Street

Catch Phrase is another game that comes out at most of our parties. It’s full of fast-paced action where players are quickly giving clues for their team to guess a word and then passing on to the next team before the timer stops. It’s the timer that gets players talking frantically and gets them flustered because it starts beeping faster and faster as time goes on. Since it’s a random timer, you never know when it’s going to end. And it also brings lots of shouting and laughter.

See our video review of Catch Phrase.

Reverse Charades

Reverse Charades is a new game that turns the traditional game of charades around. Instead of one person acting out something for their team to guess, Reverse Charades has the team acting out something for one person to guess. This simple change is great because anyone who doesn’t like performing in front of a group doesn’t have to worry with this party game because they can just blend right in.

Say Anything

Say Anything is a fun party game from North Star Games where players settle hotly debated questions like “What’s the most overrated band of all time?” or “Which website would be hardest to live without?” You ask a question and everyone writes their answers. Then the judge secretly selects their favorite response and everyone else places their betting tokens on what they think the judge selected. Once again, there may be lots of shouting and finger pointing as the disagreements flourish.

Spontuneous Spontuneous Family Party Board Game - The Game Where Lyrics Come to Life! Made in the USA
Toy (Spontuneous)
  • This is the best board game for family game night and parties with friends (heck, read the reviews); you ll be laughing for hours and will surely receive an encore...
  • Spontuneous is the only music game that crosses all genres and all ages can play together. It plays best with 4-10 players or teams. Kids, teens, college students...
  • Are you ready for tons of spontaneous fun? This hilarious interactive family party board game is great for all music lovers of all ages. How do you play? Simple;...
  • Likewise, this amazing new and fun game has won a bunch of awards too. Yep, it s Award Winning! (Mom s Choice Gold Award, Dr. Toy s Best Vacation Product, Parent...
  • Although it s tons of fun, Spontuneous is also good for your brain (that thing stored in your cranium.) It improves memory recall and word association skills. Every...

Ouija Boards

by charlesgeorgetaylo

Before my cousin Sally and I started playing Show and Tell with a twist of Truth or Dare, we were Ouija Board junkies. Perhaps that typewriter of the devil was what eventually led to our sin of incest. I considered the time spent with our hands gliding over the playing board as godly.
We carried that magical board around with us in October, 1984 like little league players with a stack of baseball trading cards.
On Halloween eve, Sally invited me to her house and bedroom and we tested the magic of the Milton Bradley game in a new environment. We had only played the game in my family’s basement and no real magic had taken place there. In her bedroom, all hell broke loose.
Sally lit a candle and we sat on her bed with our legs crossed in Indian style. If ever there...

Fort Lone Tree, Capitan New Mexico

by Thechums

We love this place and you will too. Fort Lone Tree, Capitan
(say Cap - eee - tan) New Mexico. Our son attended summer camp there. It was started by a couple with a strong faith-based plan, and the place has some support from various faith groups, but demonstration of faith or a linkage to faith is not a requirement. We rented the place for a family retreat a year ago and it was just fantastic.
The fort is 10 miles up a dirt road at Capitan Mountain. It is built like an old-west fort with stockade fencing, and all log contruction. Each corner of the stockade has a cabin-tower. Each tower has 4 bunkrooms, each bunkroom has 10 bunks and bathroom. It can sleep up to 160 guests. When we used the place we had 22 people; we put the girls in one bunkroom, the boys in another,...

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University Games Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus Game!
Toy (University Games)
  • Don t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus is a fun preschool game that helps teach social skills
  • The pigeon wants to drive your bus and it s up to you to stop him, as you move around the game board
  • If the pigeon lands on the same space as your bus, you must go back toStartand try again
  • For 2 - 4 players ages 3 and up
  • University Games offers you and your family creative games that are easy to learn and fun to play
Dedaloop - Steampunk Gameplay from New iPad Board Game
Dedaloop - Steampunk Gameplay from New iPad Board Game
Hasbro Games The Game of Life Board Game
Toy (Hasbro Games)
  • The Game of Life challenges you to manage your money and get to retirement wealthy
  • Different spaces offer life challenges like babies, houses and night school
  • Includes game board with spinner, cards, Spin to Win tokens, cars, pegs and money pack
  • Unexpected surprises
  • For 2 to 4 players
Hasbro Mousetrap Game (2005 Edition)
Toy (Hasbro)
  • Contraption-building table game that pits players against each other as mice trying to navigate through a complex mousetrap
  • Race to the finish and nab your opponent s mouse before your own gets caught
  • Develops fine motor skills; skills in counting & cooperation
  • For 2 to 4 players ages 6 years and older
  • Instructions in English and Spanish
Electronic Arts Hasbro Family Game Night 3 - Nintendo Wii
Video Games (Electronic Arts)
  • Play classic and remixed versions of your favorite Hasbro games, including: Game of Life, Clue, Twister, Mouse Trap and Yahtzee
  • Engage in friendly competition via online multiplayer and keep track of your victories on leaderboards. Xbox 360 and PS3 Only. Play as your own avatar in the games
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