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10 Timeless Board Games for the Entire Family

Family Board Games Chutes and LaddersFew things can bring a family together quite like a good old fashioned game night. The spirit of competition mixed with the type of interaction you just don’t get from television, movies, or even video games, makes playing board games a great family activity.

However, selecting a game that will entertain adults and kids alike can be a tricky proposition. The following 10 games have the ability to transcend age and captivate players both young and old.

10. Chutes and Ladders

It might just be nostalgia, but replaying this game as an adult offers the same excitement and frustration you remember from your childhood. The agony of nearing the top only to go shooting down the longest slide on the board is second only to the joy of climbing a ladder and bypassing your opponents along the way. There might not be a lot of strategy involved, but that’s what makes it the perfect game to play with younger children who might not be able to grasp more complicated games on the list.

Family Board Games Life9. Life

Even though it’s not exactly an accurate depiction of its namesake, Life has plenty of valuable lessons to offer. In addition to teaching children the importance of going to college, saving money, and even investing in the stock market, it also reminds us that there are certain events we just can’t plan for. Like, for example, inheriting a shrunken head collection and having to pay a museum $10, 000 to accept it, or having a crazy aunt leave you 100 cats. Ah, the realities of being a grown up...

8. Apples to Apples

As advertised on the box, Apples to Apples is “The game of hilarious comparisons!” It can be as complex or simple as the people playing it, and half the fun comes from selecting the answer you think will be best suited for whoever is judging a particular round.Family Board Games Apples to Apples While younger children might opt for the more obvious answers, there’s plenty of creative freedom for adults to entertain themselves along the way.

7. Clue

Despite encouraging vigilantism, Clue encourages skills like logic and critical thinking. Asking players to journey through a mansion acquiring evidence in a recent murder, the game would be oddly dark if not for the amusing assortment of characters and the ludicrously ineffective murder weapons. It is good old fashioned 1920s-style fun, and even though candlesticks and conservatories might be a tad outdated, the game itself will never go out of style.

6. Risk

This classic game of strategy should come with the warning that world domination takes time…lots and lots of time. Although Risk is probably loathed by any little sister who was forced to play it with an older brother, it is the perfect game for some father-son bonding. It’s like the board game equivalent of playing catch, only mitts are replaced with territories like Iceland, Yakutsk, and the ever-important Kamchatka. It might tie up the dining room table for a couple days, but no one ever said global domination didn’t come without sacrifice.

Family Board Games Clue Family Board Games Risk Family Board Games Cranium Family Board Games Scattergories

Can you borrow a larger table for the visit?

by happi2b

Or get a card table or something to accommodate all of you eating together at table?
They are in a habit, which will be hard to break. I applaud your wanting to have a real family meal without TV, but I hope you won't let it be a major point of contention if they become insistent.
Maybe you can let them know that you and your husband never eat in the living room. That you have been looking forward to the opportunity to have a real family meal with all of them around the table.
You might also try to have activities before and after meal, like board games, to keep them from going to the TV out of habit.
Maybe cover the TV with a decorative shawl or cloth so that...

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