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  • Fully-staffed or Partially-staffed
    (select your best strategy).
  • Variable production costs
    (omit elements you can provide yourself).
  • GAME SHOWS are the
    Newest Team-building Activity.
  • Hearty Entertainment for everyone in the room (interactive & spectator)

Consider Staging to allow for a better view for the guests in the back of the room.

We SELL or RENT Game Show Systems and offer custom game show creations.

  • Over-the-road Game Show Productions or we will ship equipment to you.
    We can serve all national clients by travel. We are located in Wichita KS and although we can most easily serve Midwestern and Southwestern clients
  • Our focus is Game Show Equipment Rentals and Custom Rentals.
  • Game_Show_Decorations_Backdrops_ps.png (1156278 bytes)Optional Game Show Software that offers an alternative to slide-show presentations.
  • Custom Trivia Productions.
  • Custom Game Show Theme Design for a made to order game show set.
    Includes custom-manufactured game show elements, props and equipment.

Use one of our formats or we can
custom-create a show from your own ideas.

Equipment Available:
  • Host Podiums
  • Contestant or Team Podiums / Team Positions
  • Face Off/Showdown or
    Lockout Units.
  • Optional Props and
    Theme Decorations.
  • Sound Systems with
    Cordless Microphone(s).
  • Custom Video Effects /
    Custom Software.
  • Computers (as required).
  • Projectors (front or rear).
  • Projection Screens (front or rear).
  • Large Computer Monitors.
  • Live Video Cameras.
Staffing Available:
  • Energetic, Humorous and Charismatic Hosts.
  • Game Show Equipment /
    Computer Tech.
  • Lighting Tech..
  • General Stage Hands
  • Preliminary or onsite Computer Support or Data Entry.
Optional Features:
  • Strategic Lighting.
  • Additional Video.
  • Banquet Tables and Linens.

We offer Game Show productions for a duration of 1-4 hours (depending on the number of guests) and can adjust the game format accordingly. We also offer rentals anywhere in the United States.

Custom-designed sets or props also available as an optional service from
highly-skilled designers and crafters along with expert carpenters.

We have the experience to make your TV-style Game Show a success!

Count on Amerifun to provide the right equipment at the right prices to make your game show unforgettable.

We can also personally design a custom set for you, just let us know what you would like to do


  • Video Screen / Large Video Monitor
    (we also offer video effects to virtually transform your game show).
  • Projector or Projection Equipment.
  • Computer with capable Technician.
  • Sound System to compliment an Energetic Host.
  • Player or Team Positions
    (Host Podiums available as needed).

We will recommend a variety of equipment options as well as low-cost alternatives during the proposal process

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THQ Wheel of Fortune
Video Games (THQ)
  • Test your skills through thousands of puzzles
  • Play against virtual opponents or bring the whole family together in 3 person multiplayer
  • Enjoy fun commercial break mini-games and show related trivia

And visit and play board games

by -

But the game would be after Dad leaves.
We do special "thanksgiving" things between the time of Thanksgiving Day and New Year's Eve.
Secretly give a nativity set, one piece at a time to a certain family - ending with cookies, hot cocoa and baby Jesus.
There's a "thankful for" list we go through where you are reminded of things you have (basic things you rarely think about even) that many across the world do not. You count how many items are in your home and put money in the jar for each one. At the end, the money is sent to a friend who works with those who do NOT have those basic items.
We also take off from school during this time, visit nursing homes and MAYBE this year the children's hospital, too.
those are not things we...

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Video Games (UBI Soft)
  • All of the favorite moments of the show are in the game.
  • Custom Avatars - Design your avatar from head to toe, including body, facial features, hair and clothes.
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  • Hundreds of questions
  • Just like the actual game show
Training Games Inc. TV Quiz Show PowerPoint 6 Pack - Vol. 4 Single User License for Educational Programs,Training Classes, Learning Forums, Speaker Presentations and Teaching Venues for classroom and corporate instruction, icebreakers or team building activities
Software (Training Games Inc.)
  • Application Developed in PowerPoint - Great sounds and graphics, super easy to edit and add your own questions
  • The most unique and fun 6-Pack of Quiz Show Training Games yet! All the games are loaded with fun and fabulous game features for corporate training, homeschooling...
  • 6-Pack Includes: 1. Wheel of Fame & Fortune - Answer YOUR training questions then spin the wheel, grab a vowel and solve the puzzle. 2. Concentration Quiz Show...


Who are the hosts of the family feud game show?

In chronological order:

  1. Richard Dawson: 1976-1985

  2. Ray Combs: 1988-1994

  3. Richard Dawson (again): 1994-1995

  4. Louie Anderson: 1999-2002

  5. Richard Karn: 2002-2006

  6. John O'Hurley: 2006-present

  7. Al Roker (special guest host for "Celebrity Family Feud" on NBC): 2008

Who is the inventor of game show family feud?

The creator was the team of Mark Goodson and Bill Todman and they were the creator and had the production company of Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions see related link

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