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Interactive Whiteboard Games for Classroom Review Activities

Interactive Whiteboard Games: Who Wants to be a Millionaire?Written by: Bright Hub Education Writer • edited by: Elizabeth Wistrom • updated: 10/3/2013

Are you looking to make test practice more fun? Try these fun review games. They are all based on popular TV shows and can be modified with ease to fit the needs of your students. Just click on the links to download the ones you want.

  • These interactive whiteboard games are great review activities for a class that has reached the end of a unit of work, or for the teacher who wants to check up on how much has been learned so far. All are based on popular TV shows, can be changed to suit your needs, and are suitable for whole class teaching. These games are freely available on the Internet and the ones in this collection represent some of my all time favorites.Interactive Whiteboard Games: Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Download links are provided in each section.
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

    This TV show was sold to countries all over the world, so should at least be recognizable to some of your students. Even if they have never heard of it before, it can quickly become a favorite in your classroom. The three ‘life lines’ that I give my students are 45 seconds with a textbook, ask the class, and 50-50. Simply edit the file to match the content you are teaching and you have a great review activity. The PowerPoint version is very good and comes complete with sound effects.

  • Interactive SMART Board Games: Deal or No DealAre You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

    Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader is another example of how much fun you can have with interactive whiteboard games. This US TV show is popular with both students and adults, and has quickly found its way into the classroom. As with Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, it can be adapted to fit any curriculum you are working on. All you have to do is change the questions to suit your needs. The PowerPoint file will even let you change the title to include the grade level you are working with.

  • Interactive Whiteboard Games: Jeopardy!Deal or No Deal

    Deal or No Deal is one of those great interactive SMART Board games that your students will instantly recognize when they see it on your wall. The teacher assumes the role of the host, and will guide the students through the game by asking them to pick a case and try to answer the question that it reveals. Unfortunately, there is no mean spirited banker to haggle with, but it works just as well without one. If the student chooses to 'deal', and they answers the question correctly, they win the amount of money revealed. If they choose 'no deal' after seeing the question, you simply return to the game board and...

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But the game would be after Dad leaves.
We do special "thanksgiving" things between the time of Thanksgiving Day and New Year's Eve.
Secretly give a nativity set, one piece at a time to a certain family - ending with cookies, hot cocoa and baby Jesus.
There's a "thankful for" list we go through where you are reminded of things you have (basic things you rarely think about even) that many across the world do not. You count how many items are in your home and put money in the jar for each one. At the end, the money is sent to a friend who works with those who do NOT have those basic items.
We also take off from school during this time, visit nursing homes and MAYBE this year the children's hospital, too.
those are not things we...

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