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Family Game Night: Best Educational Board Games for Kids

K12-Family-Game-Night-Best-Educational-Board-Games-for-Kids_LLFrom new favorites to old-school classics, these board games provide hours of family fun, and they have real educational value too.

We picked six of our favorite educational board games for each age group, from preschoolers to high school students. But of course, there’s a whole world of amazing games out there, so be sure to leave us a comment and let us know which games you love for family fun and learning.

Educational Board Games for Early Learners and Preschoolers

Scattergories (2-6 players, 12+) Another classic party game, Scattergories encourages players to think creatively as they brainstorm words to fit into certain categories. With some categories more obscure than others, players will have to stretch their vocabularies if they hope to win!

Balderdash (2 or more players, age 12+) In this bluffing game, players try to fool each other by writing convincing answers to questions. Players must write their answers in an authoritative style, and use their reading and logic skills in order to fool others and distinguish the real answer from the fake.

Scrabble (2-4 players, age 8+) Of course, no list of educational games would be complete without the classic crossword game! Players must think creatively and use their vocabulary and spelling skills as they form words and compete for points.

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But the game would be after Dad leaves.
We do special "thanksgiving" things between the time of Thanksgiving Day and New Year's Eve.
Secretly give a nativity set, one piece at a time to a certain family - ending with cookies, hot cocoa and baby Jesus.
There's a "thankful for" list we go through where you are reminded of things you have (basic things you rarely think about even) that many across the world do not. You count how many items are in your home and put money in the jar for each one. At the end, the money is sent to a friend who works with those who do NOT have those basic items.
We also take off from school during this time, visit nursing homes and MAYBE this year the children's hospital, too.
those are not things we...

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What is the best board game for family

In my opinion, the best board game for a family is the classic board game Monopoly. Thank you very much for using

What are the best family board games?

I have 4 kids and we like to play board games and card games, but do not have many to choose from. I always loved the game Scattergories and noticed that there is a jr. version? We have apples to apples and it is ok and this game called In a Pickle..also ok. We play a lot of dominoes-Mexican train and I have a couple the my 5yr old can play too like Pass the Pigs, Go fish, Life...My other kids are 14, 10,and 9. Any games that I should look into that would be fun for all of us or for the older 3 at least?

Monopoly is a little nature for a 5 year old. You can do hungry hippo for him and possibly scrabble? Pictionary is fun too.
My mom also brought home a colorful game. It's called Dutch Blitz. Basically it's a variation of Speed (card game) and its high paced. It's meant for 2-8 players. You can be on teams of two :)

What's the best family board game?

I'm going to get a family board game for Christmas. We've got Monopoly, Life, Clue/Cluedo; what classics are we missing? What's an undiscovered game we might enjoy?
Mom, Dad and a 9 year old girl and an 11 year old boy.

Problem: find a game to entertain the kids that won't bore the parents.
Solution: This list -
I recommend Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers by Rio Grande Games, Ticket to Ride by Days of Wonder, and The Settlers of Catan by Mayfair Games.

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