Classic Family board games

12 Classic Family Games

Candy Land | 3-6 yearsRemember the days when you sat around a board game with your friends or family? Thanks to Nintendo DS, XBox, Wii, and the iPad, some kids can barely grasp the concept of sitting criss-cross applesauce around a rectangular piece of cardboard and rolling dice. It's time to show those gadgets who's boss! Here are 12 old-school games we want to bring back.

Candy Land | 3-6 years

This timeless first game teaches color recognition and matching while introducing the concept of good sportsmanship. And it looks yummy too!
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Chutes and Ladders | 3-7 years

Chutes and Ladders is a classic pre-school game of chance that drives home basic counting skills. Will you cruise up to 84 with ease or chute back to 24?
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Hungry Hungry Hippos | 4-8 yearsHungry Hungry Hippos | 4-8 years

Sweetie Potamus, Veggie Potamus, Picky Potamus, and Bottomless Potamus have insatiable appetites that preschoolers and young, school-aged kids have long found entertaining.
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Trouble | 5-12 yearsTrouble | 5-12 years

Trouble is simply a fun romp around the board. And who could ever resist that nifty, built-in
Pop-O-Matic gizmo?
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Sorry! | 6-9 years

This race around the game board will help teach your kids that getting sent back to “Start” is sometimes a part of life. (It might also teach them to apologize.)
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Twister | 6-11 years

Right foot blue! Left hand red! As it did for our generation, this game will have your whole family twisted and in hysterics. Just make sure you stretch beforehand.
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Twister | 6-11 yearsOperation | 6-12 years

If you’re already pumping your little Doogie Howser’s 529 for med school, sharpen his or her fine motor skills with the challenge of removing a funny bone or a spare rib! It’s never too early to practice those steady hands ...
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Connect 4 | 7-14 years

Who’ll be the first in your crew with the moves to get four in a row? Connect 4 brings tic-tac-toe to the next level to hone your kids’ strategic-thinking skills.
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Battleship | 7-14 years

A “hit” since the early 1940s, Battleship was originally a paper and pencil game called Broadsides, the Game of Naval Strategy. Today’s version still presents the challenge of plotting each move while keeping track of all the hits and misses — just with a cool, streamlined “board” (and
a catchier name).
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Connect 4 | 7-14 years Battleship | 7-14 years Chutes and Ladders | 3-7 years

Winning Moves Clue The Classic Edition
Toy (Winning Moves)
  • Includes classic game board and six suspect pawns
  • Includes six classic weapons
  • Includes a deck of suspect,weapon and room cards
  • Includes confidential case file
  • Includes detective notebook pad, die, and rules

Board Games Group in San Diego

by sdguy00001

Looking to find a group of guys interested in playing strategy board games once or twice a month. The types of games would be Settlers of Cataan, Game of Thrones, Axis & Allies, and the like. It's important for you to have some free time so that games can be scheduled, I already have a group of friends with families and obligations and we can't ever seem to find a time when everyone's free. Please be mature and easy-going, I don't want any hostility or fights over a game. It would also be convenient if all players were located in north county (coastal preferred) to cut down on drive time for everyone. Lastly, I'm not able to host right now, so please be able to host occasionally.
I'm 35, but all ages within reason welcome. Email me if you're interested, it should be fun.

Families & Politics on 2/7

by AbsenteeVoterParty

Join Supervisor Matt Gonzalez, Supervisor Jake McGoldrick, School Board Member Eric Mar and School Board Member Mark Sanchez on a discussion about politics and families on Saturday, Feb. 7 at 2 p.m. at 728 20th Avenue (Cabrillo/Fulton). Games and prizes for the kids follow. Cover charge is registration as a permanent absentee voter (for the adults of course). For more information, call 386-2706.

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