Board games for the Family

What are your Top 100 board games?

ChessWe recently stumbled across a list of best board games at This website provides a way for people to create lists and have others vote on the items on the list. Items will move up or down the list depending on the votes.

At the time we saw the list, there had been just over 7, 000 people cast their votes. These were the top 76 board games of all time according to the voters.

How many have of these board games have you played?

We’ll admit that’s a pretty good list of board games. Having played 46 of them you can see that many get our vote as well. And there are still plenty on the list that are on our ‘want to play’ list.

However, another list that we’d highly suggest you check out for great board games and card games is the Top 100 Games listed on

Rather than just 7, 000 voters like the list above, the list is compiled from MILLIONS of gamers around the world ranking their favorite games. Just take for example the 2nd game on this list – Agricola. It alone has received over 30, 000 votes!

From this list however, we’ve only played 22 games. Going off of this list, we still have plenty of great board games and card games yet to play!

Electronic Arts Inc. THE GAME OF LIFE
Mobile Application (Electronic Arts Inc.)
  • Play the classic board game on your Android device
  • Use easy controls to navigate
  • Enjoy amazing visual effects and whimsical graphics
  • Listen to upbeat music and sound effects
  • Access clear, complete play instructions

Board Games Group in San Diego

by sdguy00001

Looking to find a group of guys interested in playing strategy board games once or twice a month. The types of games would be Settlers of Cataan, Game of Thrones, Axis & Allies, and the like. It's important for you to have some free time so that games can be scheduled, I already have a group of friends with families and obligations and we can't ever seem to find a time when everyone's free. Please be mature and easy-going, I don't want any hostility or fights over a game. It would also be convenient if all players were located in north county (coastal preferred) to cut down on drive time for everyone. Lastly, I'm not able to host right now, so please be able to host occasionally.
I'm 35, but all ages within reason welcome. Email me if you're interested, it should be fun.

Families & Politics on 2/7

by AbsenteeVoterParty

Join Supervisor Matt Gonzalez, Supervisor Jake McGoldrick, School Board Member Eric Mar and School Board Member Mark Sanchez on a discussion about politics and families on Saturday, Feb. 7 at 2 p.m. at 728 20th Avenue (Cabrillo/Fulton). Games and prizes for the kids follow. Cover charge is registration as a permanent absentee voter (for the adults of course). For more information, call 386-2706.

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Walkway Games Sticks
Mobile Application (Walkway Games)
  • Great multiplayer board game for 1 to 4 players.
  • Optimized for tablets but is playable on phones as well.
  • Play on randomly generated levels in Advanced Mode to ensure you never play the same level twice.
  • Capture bonus icons for extra points.
  • Play single matches, or best out of 3 or 5 matches.
Toysmith Hello Kitty Pop Up Board Game
Toy (Toysmith)
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  • Ages 4 and up
University  Games Brain Quest Smart Game
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  • For 2 - 4 players ages 6 - 12
  • University Games offers you and your family creative games that are easy to learn and fun to play


What is the best board game for family

In my opinion, the best board game for a family is the classic board game Monopoly. Thank you very much for using

What are the best family board games?

I have 4 kids and we like to play board games and card games, but do not have many to choose from. I always loved the game Scattergories and noticed that there is a jr. version? We have apples to apples and it is ok and this game called In a Pickle..also ok. We play a lot of dominoes-Mexican train and I have a couple the my 5yr old can play too like Pass the Pigs, Go fish, Life...My other kids are 14, 10,and 9. Any games that I should look into that would be fun for all of us or for the older 3 at least?

Monopoly is a little nature for a 5 year old. You can do hungry hippo for him and possibly scrabble? Pictionary is fun too.
My mom also brought home a colorful game. It's called Dutch Blitz. Basically it's a variation of Speed (card game) and its high paced. It's meant for 2-8 players. You can be on teams of two :)

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