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Our Top 10 Family Board Games, Ages 3-8

Our Top 10 Family Board Games. Awesome review of ten GREAT games for ages 3 & up that are fun for both kids and adults.Our family has always loved playing board games, but since cutting out television and then taking (almost) all of the girls’ toys away last summer away we’ve taken that love to a whole new level! Playing family board games together is by far our favorite evening and weekend activity, and we’ve had plenty of time to discover what we love (and what we don’t.)

Since it is summer and you might be starting to get desperate for something to do with your kids that doesn’t involve electronics or spending a bunch of money, I thought it might be fun to put together a list of our ten favorite tried-and-tested, kid AND parent approved games. None of them require reading, which makes them appropriate for ages 3 or 4 and up. Our kids are 4 and 6 and now that we have played them all together a number of times, they are also able to play most of them by themselves as well.

1. I-Spy Go Fish-Of all the family games we play, I can honestly say that Go-Fish is probably still our overall favorite. We have the I-Spy version, but I think any set of Go-Fish cards would be equally fun. For Trouble, learning how to hold her cards and not tell everyone what was in her hand has been a big achievement in the past year, one that gave us no shortage of laughs along the way. This simple pairing game is a classic for a reason. It is also a great one to take along on trips!

Kid Score: A+ Parent Score: A- Independent Play? Yes, but requires 3 or more players.

Our Top 10 Family Board Games. Awesome review of ten wonderful family games that are fun for kids AND adults. Includes details on each games with ratings by both kids & parents. What a great resource!

2. Spot It-We absolutely LOVE Spot It! This game is proof that good things come in small packages, and this is another one that is easy to pack along on trips. The concept is super simple, but it is fun–and challenging–for all ages. Each of the round cards has a set of shapes and icons, but on each card only ONE icon matches an icon or shape on another card. The challenge is to find which icon matches on your card and the center card before someone else does. There are several variations on the game, all of which are fun and easy to learn. This is a great game for helping kids build observation and attention skills! There are now several other versions of the game, supposedly for younger kids, which look fun as well. Our girls have been fine with the “regular” version.

Kid Score: A Parent Score: A Independent Play? Yes

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A non-materialistic Christmas? it takes a lot of thought and planning.
As a family:
bake cookies
go for a hike or bike ride
play board games
visit family/friends
have people over for hot cider
volunteer at a shelter or food kitchen
and you might have the best christmas ever!

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I'm glad I'm safe in GA where it's raining and probably won't freeze. Good luck with with your clusterfuck. Remember: the first rule of winter driving is: don't!
If you don't absolutely have to, stay off the road. Your family will appreciate having you alive. If you have food and board games, you can survive until it melts. It will only be a day or two.
What I said about MTBing only applies if you are hard-core. If you have a brain and/or a family, just wait it out.
Part of "Ride to Live" is "Live to Ride". Sometimes "Park to Live" is the best idea.

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