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Benefits Of Board Games & 5 Great Games For Young Families

board games for preschoolEvery year we leave our yellow farm-ish house and get on the road to Oregon and go to the beach. While we are at the beach house board games are king! I think I have played 43 games of Candy Land so far and by the time this post is published it will be well past 60.

Board games are packed with lessons and the best part is that they don’t feel like they are so children who resist learning for learning’s sake are less likely to resist and jump in.They give families a chance to play together and for children to test the waters of competition in a safe place.gamesforkids2 They offer parents a chance to model losing gracefully which is not a skill children are naturally born with. I know that my son especially has been working on this for ages. Some intense children need more time and practice and even though at times the urge to pack up the game and scold them for being a poor sport may trump teaching them anything I encourage you to keep at it. Intense children take board games seriously and in my experience calm modeling goes further than it feels like and will pay off with persistence.

What children are learning while they play depends on the game but some more general skills and benefits of board games include :

  • Taking turns.
  • Language development. The repetition in games offers parents many options to model proper pronunciation and for children to practice.
  • Developing fine motor and hand eye coordination skills while moving small pieces.
  • Counting is part of most games.
  • Following a static set of directions – the rules don’t change.
  • Controlling emotions.
  • Connecting with those they play with.

gamesforkids1Here are 10 of our favorite games with the main skills children learn while playing. The games are linked to with affiliate links. The ages are the ages in which my children have really loved these games.

Cookin’ Cookies Card Game Was the very first game we played as a family.gamesforkids3 The object of the game is to gather the ingredients you need to make your cookie recipe while avoiding the dreaded rotten eggs. This game works on hand eye coordination as players have to slap the card they want with their spoon. It also works on matching the cards to the images on the recipe which is an early literacy skill that evolves from matching images to letters and then eventually words. My kids both love this game. 3+

Battleship is a great game for school age children and requires players use reason and logic to play. Younger children can make wild guesses but I suggest you play with your child a few times explaining why you make the choices explaining the logic and strategy behind your decisions. It also exposes kids to grids and coordinates. 5+

gamesforkids4 gamecup

Patch Products 5 Second Rule - Just Spit it Out!
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Why not take this opportunity to have

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A non-materialistic Christmas? it takes a lot of thought and planning.
As a family:
bake cookies
go for a hike or bike ride
play board games
visit family/friends
have people over for hot cider
volunteer at a shelter or food kitchen
and you might have the best christmas ever!

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The clutch out and walk off of glare ice while the Texans were floundering.
I'm glad I'm safe in GA where it's raining and probably won't freeze. Good luck with with your clusterfuck. Remember: the first rule of winter driving is: don't!
If you don't absolutely have to, stay off the road. Your family will appreciate having you alive. If you have food and board games, you can survive until it melts. It will only be a day or two.
What I said about MTBing only applies if you are hard-core. If you have a brain and/or a family, just wait it out.
Part of "Ride to Live" is "Live to Ride". Sometimes "Park to Live" is the best idea.

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Spin Master Games HedBanz Game
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  • Get ready for the award winning, goofy guessing game of What am I? with Hedbanz
  • Kids use their heads in more ways than one while asking yes or no questions to figure out if the cartoon on their head
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What is the best board game for family

In my opinion, the best board game for a family is the classic board game Monopoly. Thank you very much for using

What are the best family board games?

I have 4 kids and we like to play board games and card games, but do not have many to choose from. I always loved the game Scattergories and noticed that there is a jr. version? We have apples to apples and it is ok and this game called In a Pickle..also ok. We play a lot of dominoes-Mexican train and I have a couple the my 5yr old can play too like Pass the Pigs, Go fish, Life...My other kids are 14, 10,and 9. Any games that I should look into that would be fun for all of us or for the older 3 at least?

Monopoly is a little nature for a 5 year old. You can do hungry hippo for him and possibly scrabble? Pictionary is fun too.
My mom also brought home a colorful game. It's called Dutch Blitz. Basically it's a variation of Speed (card game) and its high paced. It's meant for 2-8 players. You can be on teams of two :)

What's the best family board game?

I'm going to get a family board game for Christmas. We've got Monopoly, Life, Clue/Cluedo; what classics are we missing? What's an undiscovered game we might enjoy?
Mom, Dad and a 9 year old girl and an 11 year old boy.

Problem: find a game to entertain the kids that won't bore the parents.
Solution: This list -
I recommend Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers by Rio Grande Games, Ticket to Ride by Days of Wonder, and The Settlers of Catan by Mayfair Games.

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