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Thunderstone – a great adventure for teen boys

Thunderstone cardsThunderstone achieved a very high status in our family – Jaden calls it his favorite game. That’s saying quite a lot for a boy that loves to play a bunch of board games and card games. So what is it about Thunderstone that gets Jaden so excited? Take a look at his video review of Thunderstone to find out what he loves about it.

Of course, even with this being one of our longest video reviews, there’s still a lot we couldn’t cover. But Jaden does a good job of covering the basics to give you a taste of how the game plays and what’s involved.

Can the whole family enjoy Thunderstone?

That may be a short answer, but it’s accurate. Thunderstone isn’t a card game for everyone in the family. But we’re guessing that there will be members of your family that will love it. If you have teenage boys in your family, or if there are members of your family that love fantasy adventures, then we believe they’ll take to it quite nicely.

Thunderstone hero cards

In our family, mom and Brooke don’t show any interest in playing Thunderstone, but the boys all love it. Even Caleb – who is much younger than the recommended 12+ age – gets into Thunderstone and has even won! The first time we played, Caleb just watched from the sidelines as we thought it was just way too involved for him to grasp and keep track of all the things to pay attention to. But then he played his first game with us and pulled out a victory. We thought he was struggling for most of the game, but near the end he went on a spree and ended up with the most victory points. Of course, he’s hooked now.

Another thing to pay attention to is that this game is about battling monsters with heroes, weapons, and spells. So if you don’t feel comfortable with these elements in your home, then Thunderstone won’t be for you.

Do you have to like fantasy themes to enjoy Thunderstone?
While it may not be a requirement to like fantasy themes to enjoy Thunderstone, it certainly makes it more enjoyable. Let’s take dad for example: By no means would I consider myself a fantasy lover. I don’t get into all the fantasy novels and frankly think some people go way overboard about it all. I do enjoy a good fantasy adventure tale once in a while – like Lord of the Rings – but will pass on most of them.

So I wondered myself about how I would enjoy Thunderstone. And I’ll tell you what – I love it too!
I really enjoy working out the best options of building my card deck and battling the monsters. Maybe it’s the thinking, planning, and hoping for a good outcome that I enjoy, but pulling the deck building mechanics together with a real purpose for having a strong deck (to battle monsters) really appeals to me. I’ve found that I do get excited when my hand is full of heroes, weapons, and spells so I can head into the dungeon to take on a monster.

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