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Predators game, Doodle God lead a stacked Games of the Week

Predators game, Doodle God lead a stacked Games of the Week

Loyal readers, you have to know I’m stuck with this 1-through-5 ranking thing. I’ve been doing it for so long it would feel weird to change it now, no matter how much I’d like to rank each of this week’s top three games No. 1.

PREDATORS, Doodle God and the latest Monkey Island game are not just three of the best games this week, they’re three of the best games this year. Beyond that, Aqueduct and Omino are no slouches themselves and will be well received by puzzle and retro gamers.

1. Robert Rodriguez presents PREDATORS

Not to be confused with the app that keeps you up to date on Nashville’s hockey team, Chillingo’s Robert Rodriguez presents PREDATORS (.99) is the latest movie-turned-video game to hit the iTunes App Store. Often, an easily recognizable name will get you a mention on this list; getting the top spot requires that special something, and fortunately for action gamers, PREDATORS has all kinds of that special something. You play as a Predator, killing humans with two action buttons and a d-pad. There are special ‘trophy kills’ and you are able to use tricks such as thermal vision and an invisible mode. The game has 25 levels and really nice graphics, from detailed environments to life-like Predators and humans. If all of that isn’t enough to sell you, I’m not sure what to say. PREDATORS is as good as movie-inspired video games get, and just about as good as action gaming gets.

2. Doodle God

Though the JoyBits game Doodle God (99 cents) is almost a month old now, I can no longer live with the fact that I completely missed it during its appropriate week. So I’m using a late-June update, which includes new reactions and extended gameplay, as an excuse to mention this iTunes App Store giant right now. It’s an incredibly simple premise; you start with four elements and combine them to create new elements, then you combine those elements with other elements to create even more elements, and so on and so forth. That may not sound like the greatest thing ever, but even from the beginning the combinations are very clever. For example, you combine fire and water and you get alcohol, and then you combine alcohol and water to get vodka (along with the Russian saying “There can be no ugly women, there can only be not enough vodka”). Regardless of whether or not my description does the game justice, trust me when I say Doodle God is immediately addictive and a lock for game of the year consideration – it’s that good.

Franklin Learning Systems Cyber Safe Educational Board Game
Toy (Franklin Learning Systems)
  • Teaches to avoid predators
  • Teaches how to deal with bullies
  • Teaches awareness of viruses
  • Teaches awareness of identity theft
  • Teaches dangers of Internet, cell phones, MP3 Players and other wireless devices

Poway S.D. borrows 100M and owes 1,000,000

by TheSwashbuckler

This is a reason why Craigs List Educational Forum is not as some say gross and irrelevant. Our little Craigs List educational form has gotten beat up by one or two people who refuse to log in and instead post gross things to in some way be anarcist like.
However, In the news, I am posting today,
Just Google Poway School District Bad Loan.......
You will see a school district playing games with tax payer monies.
You will see the stupidity of a group of adults running a school district who approved a 40 year loan for one million dollars, who have no problem in asking that the school district pay ten times that , yes ONE BILLION DOLLARS in year 2042.
This is a case where the local people around the school district asked the school district to not raise...

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