Making an educational board games

Board Games for Kids to Make

Board Games for Kids to Make from Scratch

The process of creating board games can be an excellent bonding experience for parents and children. Whether your youngsters are just old enough to recognize shapes, or they have already surpassed their parents when it comes to computer skills, there are options to create fun board games that will be just right for them.


Some of the easiest board games for kids to make involve creating board games with pictures cut out of magazines. Creating a Pairs game can be very simple, and playing the game is a great way to help young children develop the ability to recognize similarities and differences in images.

To make a pairs game, you will need:

  • 12 cards, or pieces of poster board cut into card size rectangles
  • 2 playing boards, each long and wide enough for six pictures cut from a magazine.
  • Safety scissors (Parents can do the cutting for kids who are too young to cut safely.)
  • Glue (Parents can help out here too.)

Instructions for creating your game:

  • Cut 12 pairs of identical photos from magazines
  • Separate the pairs into complete sets.
  • Stick one set of pictures on individual cards.
  • Stick 6 of the pictures from the second set on each playing board

How to Play Pairs:

Pairs is designed for two players. Each player gets one of the playing boards. Players simply take turns choosing cards from a the stack of face down picture cards. When a player draws a card that matches a picture on his or her playing board, the card is placed on the board. Otherwise, the card goes to the bottom of the stack. The first player with a complete board is the winner.

Auntie Annie's Games to Make

Aunt Annie's Games to Make Craft Software allows kids 8 and older to create a wide variety of board games from scratch. This educational software program includes more than 40 games from different cultures and periods throughout history. This software includes the history of each game, instructions for making all of the pieces and equipment needed, and complete rules for each game.Games include:

  • Board Solitaire, also known as peg solitaire
  • Dominoes
  • Games of Mancala
  • Match Card Games
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Various Hunt Board Games
  • War Board Games
  • Many others

Board Games for Kids to Make From Store-Bought Sets

Creating unique board games is such a popular activity that several toy manufacturers make and market do-it-yourself board game kits.

Make Your Own Game Kit

The Make Your Own Game kit allows kids 6 and over to create their own board game from scratch. It includes a basic game board which children can decorate with any of the hundreds of pop out shapes that are included with the set. The Make Your Own Game set also includes a spinner, a deck of cards, 4 dice, a glue stick, and game pieces.

Make a Game Pieces

The Make a Game Pieces set is designed to allow kids to create their own dream games with standard pieces used in many traditional board games. This inexpensive set comes with faux money, dice, tokens, and deck of cards that can be customized. (Safe for youngsters 7 and older.)

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