Educational board games for teens

Educational Board Games for Kids and Teens

Educational Board GamesAt this time of year you see plenty of reviews of gifts for children and teens – written by adults. It is not often you find ones written by the people who will receive the gifts. So, I asked a number of my students to review things that parents would view as educational – but they really enjoyed playing.

To make this offer appealing I told them I would give them 50% of my affiliate earnings when people bought any of the products they reviewed. I have now decided to make this a bit more lucrative for them and if anyone buys products through the Amazon affiliate links of this page – even if it is for other items, I will share 50% the additional revenue between the reviewers.

ScattergoriesSo – if you like something here, I encourage you to either click through and buy it immediately – or come back and click through when you are ready to buy. I will post on our Facebook page at the end of the holiday season, how much I was able to pay the students.

I let them review whatever they wanted to – and I have done basically no editing of their reviews. The last few items are actually educational card games, but I thought that was close enough to board games to keep in this post. I hope you find them useful and I also hope to help these students make their first online income!

Settlers of Catan – Review by Andrew J, 8th grade
I learned how to play Settlers of Catan when I was eleven. There is a lot of strategy in this game and you have to make a lot of choices.Playing Agricola Because the board has a different set up every game, you have to be able to change you strategy too. I enjoy playing this game with my family, and because there are different versions and extensions to the game, it does not get boring.
Scattergories – Review by Charlie H, 8th grade

Scattergories is a vocabulary increasing game for ages 11 and up. In the game, a 20-sided die is rolled and it lands on one of the 20 letters on the die. The players then have a list of 12 subjects, with subjects such as “Famous People” or “Capitals”, and they have to write down a word starting with the letter for each subject.Pandemic For example, if the letter was B, the player could write Barack Obama for Famous People and Bogota for Capitals.

Scattergories stretches your imagination to come up with words for the hardest subjects and letters. As the group shares their answers, players learn new words and facts increasing their own knowledge. Creative answers and puns are acceptable too, so the game really gets you thinking.

Trivial PursuitAgricola – Review by Jonathan Z, grade 8
Agricola, which is Latin for farmer, is a fun, educational, and addictive game. Based on life as a farmer in medieval times, Agricola has elements of history to it. Agricola is good for 3-5 players. Play time can take anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

No, not a bit. It's a public charter school, an

by titus2mamato5

They provide the funds, the ES (educational specialist, or teacher, lol), etc. It's awesome. I've got 3 enrolled right now, at $1800/student (no high schoolers yet). They pay for tons of stuff. Right now, they're paying for their drama, chorus and karate lessons. I buy workbooks, educational board games, art supplies...I've gotten a computer and a telescope... We've done horseback riding, and will again, as well as gymnastics probably...
Oh, and we do camps. We've done science camps, history camps...they're supposed to go to marine biology camp in a couple months...


What are some of the best board games for teens?

While "best" is necessarily a value judgment, the best board games for teens are generally games with simple rules but complex strategy, and also games that encourage social interaction. The Settlers of Catan is an excellent game fitting this description, as are games with slightly more complicated rules such as Agricola. Apples to Apples, Taboo, and Balderdash make excellent party games. Risk is a classic strategy game, but takes some time to play. Finally, games such as chess and Go are classics for a reason.

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