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Middle School Math Games

Are you looking for free middle school math games? Check out the exciting games on this website and have fun practicing your math skills.

The games below are suitable for the following grades:

Have fun multiplying and dividing integers by playing this interactive game called "Grade or No Grade". What grade can you get? Answer well and don't let the examiners trick you!

This game has 4 categories: adding integers, subtracting integers, multiplying integers, and dividing integers. You can play it alone or in teams.

In this game you have to add and subtract like and unlike fractions, as well as multiply and divide fractions.

In this online board game you have to add and subtract fractions with common and different denominators.

Attainment Company, Inc. Know the Code: Social Skills Card Game
Book (Attainment Company, Inc.)
  • Colorful flashcards illustrate 50 social skills in typical school scenarios.
  • Each card depicts a skill, lists five sequential steps and suggests a talking point.
  • The set is great for games and role plays at an elementary and middle school level.
  • Ideal for Grades 1-6.
  • 100 laminated 4 by 6 color cards come with instructions.

No, not a bit. It's a public charter school, an

by titus2mamato5

They provide the funds, the ES (educational specialist, or teacher, lol), etc. It's awesome. I've got 3 enrolled right now, at $1800/student (no high schoolers yet). They pay for tons of stuff. Right now, they're paying for their drama, chorus and karate lessons. I buy workbooks, educational board games, art supplies...I've gotten a computer and a telescope... We've done horseback riding, and will again, as well as gymnastics probably...
Oh, and we do camps. We've done science camps, history camps...they're supposed to go to marine biology camp in a couple months...

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Didax Educational Resources Didax Dd-500063 Social Skills Board Games
Toy (Didax Educational Resources)
  • Encourage students to work together to improve their social skills
  • Players discuss solutions to socially challenging situations
  • Encouraging group communication and participation
  • Each game targets a different issue
  • Grades 1-5
Didax Educational Resources Place Value Safari: Discovering Ones, Tens, and Hundreds! [With 2 Six-Sided Dice and 4 Safari Boards, 15 Jungle Cards, 4 Counters and Jungle Playing B
BISS (Didax Educational Resources)
  • Sold Individually
  • Short name: Place Value Safari Game
  • Didax Brand of Products
  • Typical Use: Instructional Materials / Math / Place Value
  • Grade Level: Elementary-Middle School
Outskirts Press G.A.M.E.S.: Games & Activities for Motivating & Educating Students
Book (Outskirts Press)
Learning Carpets Learning Carpets Parcheesi LC 157
Toy (Learning Carpets)
  • Durable Latex Gel Skid-Proof Backing
  • Made of 100% Nylon
  • Soil And Stain Resistant Washable Carpet
  • Unlimited warranty
  • Superb monetary and educational value
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