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LTI's "TITLE TRIUMPH® The Game of Land Title Knowledge"

  • * A question & answer board game for land title professionals.
  • * Designed for team or individual play in 45-60 minutes.
  • * The ideal lunch & learn opportunity.
  • * A great team builder and just plain fun!

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The Title Triumph® (Level One)

Title Triumph® is a unique and challenging twist in education. Play it at your conference or break room table. No high tech equipment needed. The topics, including closing & escrow; search & exam; commitments & policies; and general industry knowledge, will test employees' knowledge and comprehension. You can play for fun, or with a facilitator. A facilitator will be able to identify strengths and weaknesses in an individual's knowledge of the profession and then recommend customized training programs accordingly. Title Triumph® can make your staff more effective and stronger.

What's Inside?

Everything you need to make Title Triumph® a regular event in your office!

  • 200 game questions - enough for multiple sessions without repeating questions
  • 50 scenario advancement/penalty cards
  • 25 blank question cards - you can create custom questions for your company, state or region (or even fun staff trivia!)
  • Instructions and Game Rules
  • Answer Key booklet
  • High-quality 19" x 19" quad-fold game board depicting a "town map"
  • Six "race car" tokens to move players around the game board
  • Large die - so that everyone at the table can see the number rolled
  • 30-second timer - to keep the game moving along quickly

And There's More: Title Triumph® Level Two offers nearly 200 additional questions!

Title Triumph® has been expanded with an advanced level of questions and answers. With the addition of Level Two, Title Triumph® is an even more challenging and effective employee training tool. Now you have the option of using either Level One or Level Two questions, or blending both sets of questions to heighten the learning experience.

Aristoplay Ltd Vintage Where in the World Board Game Copyright 1986 and 1989
Toy (Aristoplay Ltd)
  • Copyright 1986 and 1989
  • World Awareness Game From a Historical Perspective
  • Includes the former Soviet Union
  • Test your Geographical Knowledge
  • 2 to 6 Players - Ages 8 and Up

We have them, kids don't even know

by -AlwaysAnon

My DH owns one video game system and it is kept in our room, hidden from the kids. My kids do not even know we own it. DH plays for a few hours a week, however after the kids play. Neither of us had video games growing up and we got along just fine without them. I don't feel anyone NEEDS to have them. If my kids want a game to play, we have plenty of board games they can play with, with their siblings. We also have a computer for the kids to use and each has an educational (somewhat) game on there.As a teacher, I see the effects of video games on SOME children. I cannot say video games have negative effects on all kids, but there are negative effects on some. No one ever say "I...

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